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Interview with Sabella!

Genre(s): Metalcore/Hardcore
Location: Upstate, NY

PSAB: Where does the band name “Sebella” come from?

Sabella: Its an Italian cologne we all happen to wear coincidentally, like that’s why we started being a band.

PSAB: You released your EP The Funeral back in September. How has the
feedback been for the EP?

Sabella: The feedback for the EP was actually surprising, for the little promotion and hype we were able to put into it after the initial release due to full-time jobs and member changes etc, we’ve received pretty excellent reactions and reviews from those we’ve spoke with and who have made mention about it. So we’re very stoked on that, to know even when we’ve slowed down, it continued to organically spread and grow in itself which was pretty cool to see, and once again very surprising.

PSAB: If you could do a split album with one other band, which band would that be?

: Uhm, if we could do a split release with one other band, we as a whole probably say, Left behind or Young Graves. Both amazing dudes, doing amazing things, who are fucking killing it.
PSAB: What’s the local metal scene in your area?

: We’ve had some pretty great shows in the past few years within our scene as well as some pretty bad ones haha, so its seen its prominent ups and downs for sure. But we’re working to honestly try and keep it going. There are a lot of amazing and talented bands coming up in our area and neighboring areas.

: What hobbies do you have outside of playing in the band, and creating music?

: Smoking tons of weed, watching movies, hiking, sleeping, and traveling. Other than that, we’re working or involved in music.

: Any shout outs to give?

: As far as bands go our dudes in Misgiver, Ambitions, & Armory Infirmary. On top of that, we really want to thank Amanda Carbaugh for taking almost all of our promotional pictures as well as helping us out in more ways than we could say, the beautiful Zach Jones with Royal house Studios out of VA,  who recorded and mastered our EP. Also wanna shout out wegmans and wai hai lu. 
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