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Interview with Robot Face!

Genre(s): Metalcore/Hardcore
PSAB: Where does the band name “Robot Face” come from and why did you choose that for your name?
RF: The name Robot Face is derived from the false facial expressions humanity has grown accustomed to.  It seems no matter where you go or what you are doing, every living being is putting on a facade of fake facial expressions to hide their true emotions or feelings at said time. We chose this name to prove that you do not have to have darkness or aggression backing your name up to be able to thrive in the current Metal/Hardcore scene.

PSAB: You’re not too well known at this time. What is the one thing that has been toughest being a moderately new band?

RF: Every member of the band has been through their fair share of groups, most of which were decently established bands in the area.  As for being seasoned musicians but starting a new group, The toughest part I would have to say is trying to book shows. Damn near every promoter looks at your ‘facebook’ likes to determine your ‘stature’ in the area.  Though this is an inaccurate concept, We still persist and push forth because in the end, 200 fans in real life is much more fulfilling that 20,000 fake likes from foreign countries just randomly hitting like because reverbnation or facebook told them too haha.

PSAB: What is the local metal scene like in Indianapolis?

RF: This is a tricky question. Though the scene here has slightly drifted off from what it use to be, It still thrives when bigger bands come through and/or make a stop on tour. That being said, My favorite shows thus far have been the sold out local shows because there is NOTHING like the energy that the local supporters give at a show. That feeling is priceless.

PSAB: If you could feature any musician of your choosing in one of your songs, which musician would that be and why?

RF: Personally, I would like to work with Brad from Abolisher, Fronz from Attila, and Phil Bozeman from Whitechapel. I cant speak for the rest of the band but I am more than willing to work with anyone musically as long as we put forth our creative efforts into a masterpiece mix of metal and hardcore.

PSAB: Can we expect any new music from you within this year? If not, when?

RF: We actually just release our single called ‘In It To Win It’ and it can be heard on facebook OR at 

http://youtu.be/OmpSDwhn9Dw We will also be releasing our next single in the next couple weeks titled ‘Planet Xanax’. You can also check out our self-produced songs on the facebook page as well! Big things are coming, tons of shows and a cd will be in the works too!

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to gives to the readers?

RF: Oh wow there are too many to mention but right off the top of my head I want to give a shoutout to Justin, Mike, Dan, Georgie, Conner, Jeremy, Will, Aaron, Luke, Brandon, and all my homies in the local scene rocking the fuck out!

Answers from Jake, Vocalist of Robot Face.
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