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Interview with Reflection Dies!

Band: Reflection Dies
Genre: Death Metal / Trash

Q: What does the band name “Reflection Dies” mean exactly, and why did you choose that name for your band?
It just came up as an idea when we were brainstorming together. Then we figured that there is a slightly deeper meaning there. Our listeners can try to solve that mystery themselves, and according to Lasse (our Drummer) it was the first name that included word Death, Dies, Dying etc!

Q: You haven’t released a demo/EP/album since 2011. Why is that, and when can we expect new material?
Our 2-song Single/Demo/Promo named Without was released in summer 2012, it included two songs: Without & Stand Your Ground (you can purchase it from iTunes if you want to support us, OR you can get it free from our bandcamp). And at the moment we´re practicing & composing new material for our first album, planned to be released later this year, there will be couple of surprises on the album so keep an eye out for it!!

Q: What is the local metal scene like in Helsinki?

Jouni: There are many thrash and death metal bands but not so many metalcore and hardcore bands. We try to stand out from the mass.

Kimi: Helsinki has one of the greatest metal scenes in whole world! Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson once said, that “Helsinki is the Capital of metal in Europe”! We agree! There metal gigs almost everyday in Helsinki, you just go to metal/rock bar, and check out who’s playing tonight, if those band doesn’t sound like your music, change the bar and check out what they are offering!!!


Lasse: Most of young / newborn bands are only metal”cleanfuckingvocal”core. Older metal bands play more traditional metal but also some young bands like Nuclear Omnicide and Halo of Dreams represent great old school thrash!

Pete: So it kinda depends on which angle you look at it :D. To put it simply.

Q: What bands play an influence on your music the most?

As I Lay Dying, Heaven Shall Burn, Motionless In White, Bleeding Through and While She Sleeps, and Lasse wanted to add these two: Divine Heresy, Soulfly

Q: If you could play with any band live, which band would that be and why?

Pete: As I Lay Dying and In Flames are two very good options ‘cos some people have compared our music to the music of those two bands. And yes some of us and I personally look up to these guys for achieving something so awesome in this world, and they fucking rock!

Jouni: Also bands like Slayer and Hatebreed would be nice to play with. They’re bands that I personally respect very much.

Q: What are your plans for the rest of 2013?

Releasing our first full length album and touring around Finland

Q: Any shout outs to give?

To every single person who has supported us along the way, showing up on our gigs, buying our merch, sharing our music and videos Thank you so much! Keep it metal and STAND YOUR GROUND!

Reflection Dies, out!

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