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Interview with Pathos Departure!

Genre(s): Deathcore
Location: Conneaut, OH

PSAB: Why was “Pathos Departure” chosen for your band name?
PD: We chose Pathos Departure because all the other names we came up with were stupid. Anyways, Pathos comes from Aristotle’s Three Laws of Emotion, this one meaning “appealing to an audience’s emotion.” Since it’s a departure from that, it just basically means we make the music we want to, regardless of what people may think.
PSAB: Your debut album is set to release sometime this month. How excited are you to be releasing it, and what can we expect from the album?
PD: Not at all…but seriously, it’s our first professionally recorded album. Zach at Third Eye Studios did a great job with it, so we’re pretty excited for everyone to hear it. You can expect a pretty heavy amount of loud, random noise, breakdowns, inaudible gurgles, unnecessary glucks and talentless creativity.
PSAB: What are your hobbies outside of the band and creating music?
PD: We have a pretty fair amount of rap battles, a lot of drinking, riding around in hoopties, and throwing things down hills…we play music sometimes too.
PSAB: If you were able to play a show in any section of the universe, which section would you choose?
PD: Anywhere that allows riding around in hoopties while drinking, places with big hills with weak littering laws, and towns with multiple breweries. For example, I hear Portland has a lot of breweries, but they have pretty strict environmental laws, so throwing things down their hills doesn’t sound like much of an option. 
PSAB: What are some of the bands that play an influence on your music the most?

PD: Immortal Technique, Acacia Strain, old Carnifex, Waka Flocka Flame, old Norma Jean, Blood Has Been Shed, Rick Ross, old Whitechapel, old Job For a Cowboy….and angry, hissing backdoor alligators. 
PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers out there?
PD: Yeah, shout out to Seabass, Clint Beastwood, Diamond Cutter, Zach at Third Eye Studios, Nik at Total Deathcore, Jim Kociemski, Zack “The Kodiac Bear Killer” Kubiak with Prophesied Design, Erik Bossert with EBoss Promotions, Alex Harrilla with Gimp Guy Underground, Robert Jensen at Basement Transmissions, Mike Ball and Riley Gustafson at Bearded Baby Productions, Bill Zakovec at The Foundry, and every local band out there that drives 100 miles to play a show for 10 kids for no money.


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