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Interview with Parius

PSAB:  There was a bit of a hiatus for Parius recently; care to elaborate on that?

Parius: Sure, I wouldn’t exactly call it a ‘hiatus’. Louis, our vocalist, moved to Seattle for a few months. We actually considered gigging with his identical twin brother but never ended up doing that hahaha. Everyone took some time to themselves during that period though. I actually ended up writing a bit of material by myself, so we have a lot to work with going forward from our debut!

PSAB: Apparently there was a line-up change as well. What’s up with that?

Parius: Right, that actually kind of contributed to the ‘hiatus’ too. Our original bassist decided to leave the band. I think he just wasn’t into it anymore and it was nothing personal at all. We’re still pretty much best friends! Although we’re still searching for a bass player, we’re about to put out an album and are still gigging, so we haven’t let it hinder us too much. We just want to make sure we find the right guy (or gal).

PSAB: Give us the information on your upcoming album please, I’ve been waiting on one!

Parius: This is our debut album, ‘Saturnine’! We formed the band in 2011 and have been writing songs since. This album features songs we wrote from 2011-2014, which I feel made for a really interesting and eclectic group of songs. While we had hoped to release this album earlier than 2015, I’m happy we waited. The songs feel fully developed, and we’re prepared to follow up quickly.

PSAB: Care to tell the world how our music scene is?

Parius: On the local music, I feel like I can only talk about the metal bands because that’s what I really know. As far as the metal scene goes, there’s a lot of shitty bands. There’s some KILLER bands that NO ONE is paying attention to, but it’s understandable because of how much shit you have to hear before you find one good band. A lot of upcoming metal bands are either playing the same breakdowns that have been done over and over and over, or they’re trying to be overly technical (possibly to avoid the kind of criticism that the former receives). It’s rare to find a local metal band who just has some well written songs or has some kind of uniqueness to them.

PSAB: How did you all meet then form a band?

Parius: Our original guitarist, Valera Godin, really brought together the original lineup. He knew myself, Louis, and our first drummer Joe. I knew John, our old bassist. Louis knew George, who ended up taking Valera’s spot when he moved. And John knew our current drummer, Ian. Everybody kind of brought in someone else.

Me and Valera had tried for years to start a band though, that was like our dream in high school. Even though he’s working on other things in Kansas now, he actually contributed a couple solos to the album which I’m stoked about! Not to mention he wrote the opening track while he was in the band. We certainly owe a lot to him for helping us get started.

PSAB: What is the process of recording an album for a band of your stature?

Parius: We were very lucky to be able to work with our good friend Chris Kelly (of Alustrium) who owns Dungeon Audio in Langhorne. (They also recorded the most recent Mortanius EP which you should go check out!) Most of this album was recorded at his home in Doylestown though. He made it extremely easy to work with as a band doing their first full length and we plan to record more with him in the future.

PSAB: Do you have anything else you want to say?

Parius: Thanks for reading!!

Check out Parius and their friends in Alustrium (Bandcamp, Facebook) and Mortainus! Pre-order Parius’ upcoming album here!

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