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Interview with Nothing Personal!

Band: Nothing Personal
Genre: Metalcore
Q: Where does the band name “Nothing Personal” come from?

We had different band before Nothing Personal with other genre and different name. Then we wanted to start new band with new name and heavier music. We didn’t know how to name our band so we discussed about some names then one of us said “That’s nothing personal but this name is not so good” and we thought that “nothing personal” is great idea.

Q: What is the metal scene like in Zielona Góra, Poland?

In Zielona Góra it’s the beginning of the metal and core scene. There are some good bands but it’s not on so high level like on west of the Europe. In Poland in general it is on really high level and it’s still develops. There are many great bands in genres like deathcore, death metal or hardcore and soon we can be in the top countries with this music (haha)

Q: You’re currently looking for a record label to be signed to. Which label do you have your eyes on the most?

Yes. We are looking for a label to be signed to but we don’t have clearly defined goals. We wrote to some labels, we talked with some labels but it’s still big unknown. We’d like to be signed to records like Sumerian or Rise but everything have to wait so now we are looking for label which is willing to sing us.

Q: What bands play an influence on your music the most?

Everyone of us listen to other music. One of our guitarist listen to punk rock, second one listen to melodic-hardcore and post rock, our vocalist listen to deathcore, our bassist like heavier genres like hardcore-punk and also old rock music and I (drummer) like melodic-hardcore, hardcore-punk, post-hardcore and metalcore music. I think that bands like Architects, Bury Tomorrow, Crooks, Climates, More Than Life or Chelsea Grin are the most influenced on band.

Q: If you could play with any band ever live, which band would it be and why?

We have different types but I think.. Climates, More Than Life, Comeback Kid, Bring Me The Horizon or Chelsea Grin. Why? Because those bands are our favourites and they have huge influence on our music.

Q: What are your plans for this summer?
We are planning to record our debut EP/LP and play a lot of gigs. Maybe we will find a label and soon we will announce some great cooperations.

Q: Any shout outs to give?
We’d like to thank you for this interview, we want to invite you to all of our gigs this summer and to check out our music. Hope to see you guys this summer and remember – NEVER LOSE HOPE ! Cheers, Nothing Personal !
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