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Interview with No Future!

Genre(s): Slam
PSAB: Where does the band name “No Future” come from?
Caleb: Well its referencing to how the human race is running itself into nothing therefore having no future

PSAB: Why did you choose to play slam over other types of death metal?

Nick: I would say we like stuff that hits hard and stuff thats metal, take what you will of it lol

PSAB: What bands have played the most influence on your music?

Zack: Blink 182, Slipknot, Pantera, Suicide Silence, Rings of Saturn
Sammy: Big Sean.
Caleb: Beneath the Massacre, Disfiguring the Goddess, Whitechapel, Thy Art is Murder, tech N9ne

PSAB: If you could share the stage with any band, which band would that be and why?

Caleb: Whitechapel would be a big one for me 
Zack: Pantera hahahaha 
Sammy: A7x, The 5,6,7,8’s 
Nick: I really wanna play with outkast at one of their reunion shows that would be dope as fuck haha

PSAB: You’re currently working on a pre-pro of a new song. When can we expect to hear it?

Caleb: Sometime in the very near future.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers out there?

NF: Thanks you all for the time you took to read about us and we hope to put some very awesome heavy music very shortly for you all.

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