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Interview with Negation!

Band: Negation
Genre: Deathcore
Q: What does the band name “Negation” mean?
Well our band name was created by our old bassist, Charlie Nguyen. It was around 2 years ago that he passed away, but in honor of him, even though we’ve underwent several member changes, we decided to keep it. After the latest and hopefully final addition to our band, Austin (bass player), about a year ago, the name kind of evolved a new meaning for us.

Tantric Buddhism scripture states that the path of Negation is that of absolute imageless transcendence. That is to say, it is the rejection of a reality characterized by self-regarding emotions. To negate the subjectivity of oneself is to see clear. To see things ‘as they truly are’, free of form. Empty. Though through emptiness, all things may find their true form. Pure. Free of all human defilement. This is kind of the way we like to see the meaning of our band.

Q: What are your plans for early 2013?

We’ve always got new songs in the process of being written, so we hope to have more completed ASAP, as well as several show dates around Edmonton and potentially some larger scale promotion and management.

Q: How many shows have you played, and which one has been your favorite thus far?

I think we’ve played around 20 shows so far. The best shows are the ones were you get to meet the crowd, meet the bands, and everyone gets along and really just enjoys the music .  I think our favorite has got to be the most recent one we played out in Sherwood park. We got on the bill last minute and it was set in this small community hall. We even had a hard time finding it, so our expectations for a spectacular show weren’t too high. But because of the small but amazingly energetic crowd as well as the talented and friendly bands (This is War, and Animal Men of the North West) that played with us, it made our night worth remembering!

Q: You were on TB Promotion’s December showcase album, how was working with TB Promotions and how was the feedback?

TB Promotions was awesome and very easy to work with. It sometimes took him a bit to get back to us, but all in all it was a great experience working with him. I mean our fan base keeps growing and we’re never sure where they hear of us but the feedback we’re getting is very positive, and we are honored to be on his showcase.

Q: How is the underground metal scene in Edmonton?

The metal scene in Edmonton is killer! The talent around here is unreal and there are so many bands with just incredible potential. But I do think that it gets pushed aside and not given the attention it deserves a lot of the time. That’s why we are all hoping to see it keep getting bigger and bigger.

Q: You’re a Canada based band, any chance you will be playing shows in the US anytime soon?

We would absolutely love to play in the States, however we still need more time in the Canadian scene to get a solid base before we really venture out, as well as get the financial means to do so.

Q: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?

Well we would love to thank all our fans, anyone who has enjoyed our music, and all the talented bands we’ve played with. We would also like to thank Gateway Screen Press for getting our Merch and CDs, as well as Raised Fist Promotions, who is a strong supporter of local metal, and is a good reason why the Edmonton scene keeps going hard!
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