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Interview with Ne Obliviscaris!

Kevin got the chance to interview, Matt Klavins, guitarist of melodic death metal band Ne Obliviscaris!

Kevin (PSAB): What are all the members names and their duties in the band?

Matt (Ne Obliviscaris): Benji Baret -lead guitar, Brendan Brown -Bass, Xen- vocals, Tim Charles- violin Matt Klavins -guitar, Dan Presland- drums.

Kevin (PSAB): How did you guys come up with the name Ne Obliviscaris?

Matt (Ne Obliviscaris): Xen named the band in 2003. It is Latin for “forget not” and is the family motto of the Campbell clan.

Kevin (PSAB): What are some of the main inspirations for your sound?

Matt (Ne Obliviscaris): The only band we all really have in common would be Emperor. I think this is one of the main reasons we sound the way that we do. We all listen to different music which means we all have very different ideas and influences when it comes to writing music for NeO but when it all comes together you get the NeO sound.

Kevin (PSAB): What if any would be the one person/band that you guys would love to collaborate with?

Matt (Ne Obliviscaris): Everyone in the band would probably pick someone different for this answer but personally i would love to do something with Devin Townsend. His catalogue is so varied and his vocal range is fantastic. I would love to hear him loose his mind on a NeO track.

Kevin (PSAB): How do is it feel to be on your first American tour? Is it what you thought it would be or less?

Matt (Ne Obliviscaris): We are finally here and we are having a great time. Every show we get to meet all of our fans old and new and finally get to put the actual real peoples faces to the facebook messages we have been getting over the years. Unfortunately we seem to have a lot less “free time” on this tour compared to the European tour so have only been able to have a quick walk around a couple of cities. We have had the pleasure of meeting lots of other bands while we have been here though. Members from: Fallujah, Decrepit Birth, Odious Mortem, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Black Crown Initiate, Pete Steele’s family and more.

Kevin (PSAB): What are your guilty pleasures in music?

Matt (Ne Obliviscaris): I have a soft spot for rap. My guilty pleasure would have to be Snoop Dogg – Doggystyle. I have loved that whole album since it came out. I also really like Eminem.

Kevin (PSAB): What would be the best show you have played and also the craziest thing to happen at one of your shows?

Matt (Ne Obliviscaris): The craziest show ever would have to be our show in Guwahati, India. We headlined the Alcharinga festival and performed infront of 12,000 screaming fans! There was even fireworks during our set. The whole experiance was surreal. Once we had finished we even had the Elvis treatment when they told the crowd that we had left the building (we were really just hiding backstage) but the crowd was so excited they still didnt leave. After a while we were told our transport had arrived and as we walked out the door we were met by 2 lines of soldiers with machine guns forming a barricade to our vehicle which was waiting at the end with the doors open ready to leave. We all jumped in the car and then the driver sped off nearly running people over. This is one crazy night i will never forget.

Kevin (PSAB): What do you see in the future for Ne Obliviscaris?

Matt (Ne Obliviscaris): After this tour we will be focusing on writing for the next album and then a bit more touring at the end of the year before we hit the studio in 2017 to track. Then it will be full steam ahead again on the NeO train with a world wide headline tour.

Kevin (PSAB): And finally do you have any words for the future fans that are just now finding out about you guys?

Matt (Ne Obliviscaris): You guys are the reason we are able to do what we do. Without your backing we are nothing. It is up to you to decided who you do or dont want to support but the more support we have the easier it is for us to return more often. The NeO camp has lots of exciting things in the works so stay tuned!

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