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Interview with Mortal Agony!

Band: Mortal Agony
Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore

Q.1: Where did you get the band name “Mortal Agony” from?
Q.2: Also, are you aware that there are three other bands named “Mortal Agony?”
The name actually came from the fact, that we want the word agony in the name, because our music sounds like it.
Also we are great Mortal Kombat fans, so the first word of the name was found.

For us it doesn’t matter if there are other bands with the same name, because people give a fuck about that.
When you are interested in music and bands you will find the mortal agony you are looking for!
Q: What has been your favorite show thus far that you have played at? If you can’t think of one, what was your favorite show you went to but didn’t play?
Every show is something special, we are looking to play shows everywhere we can and do our best and have fun. The best, you come around, and have some fun with us.
Q: If you could classify your style of music in one genre or sub-genre, which one would it be?
Call it Grindcore, Hardcore, Death Metal, Chaoscore or Beatdown, we call it Mortal Agony.    
Q: If you could play in any country, which country would that be?
We didn’t come to a consense. But mostly USA and the Netherlands 😉
Q: What is it like to be signed to Heretic Visions Records? Enjoyable?
The guy made himself a lot of work with us so thanks to him. But we could not stop working on promotion by ourselves. Let’s see what future brings.
Q: Any plans to play over in the United States in 2013, or anytime relatively soon?
We wanna play a lot of shows next year everywhere, in the United States it would be fucking great. As support act for a tour… Dying Fetus, Suffocation or simple some shows with other bands in the US.  
Q: You have several singles out, the latest being “Beef Up Your Skills,” when can we expect a full EP or LP?
There are some long players out, the last is our album No Place To Hide, On February 2012, from which “Beef Up Your Skills” is from.

Write to us or check some mail orders to get it, it is an awesome record! In the next time we wanna record a EP with 3 – 5 new song which comes in 2013.
Q: Have any shouts to give to the readers?
We don’t like you hahaha … download the song for free: http://mortalagony.bandcamp.com/track/we-dont-like-you 
Check our songs, pics, merch and more @ www.facebook.com/mortalagonyofficial
Mortal Greetz!

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