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Interview with Middle Class Militia!

Band: Middle Class Militia
Genre: Deathcore / Hardcore
Q: Why did you choose the name “Middle Class Militia” for your band name?
Names aren’t the most important thing about a band for us; but basically back when our guitar player Brian was in high school he was sitting in history class and “a militia of the middle class” was mentioned so he coined the name Middle Class Militia.

Q: When did you get the motivation to start making music? Particularly heavier styled music like your band.

We’ve all always been music enthusiasts. To make things simple we’ll say we all started playing our instruments around 14 years old. We all got into heavier music at different rates, but that doesn’t necessarily matter because we’re all here now making heavy music.
Q: What is the local metal scene like in Chicago, IL?
The Chicagoland heavy music scene is a strange entity. It seems like a case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Some shows will be absolutely packed and everyone will be having fun and participating actively in the show’s atmosphere, and other times us, and the other bands on the show will be playing to like 10 kids and the other bands. There are a few awesome people/bands in the area that show continuous support and always make shows into good times however. We need more people like that, every show will be a blast that way.
Q: Why did you choose to combined jazz with black metal?
Calling ourselves that is a joke. 90 percent of the time on our Facebook page we name ourselves some ridiculous over the top genre to sort of poke fun at the people who focus too much effort on judging a band by what genre they fall under or call themselves as opposed to just listening to the band and what they have to say. Genres really don’t matter to us, but if you really want to call this “Blackened Jazzcore”, by all means. We don’t give a shit! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L_xZHS8n-M
Q: What bands play the most influence on your music and why?
We all have a huge variety of influences as individuals. A lot of heavy influences and a lot of not so heavy influences. We try our best to let our influences show in our music, without ripping off someone else’s sound and without any over the top genre hops. Basically our goal is to combine many different takes on metal music into one consistent, heavy sound.
Q: What are your goals for the rest of this year?
We’re hoping to tour (HOPEFULLY) over the summer, get some more merch out and make lots of new friends. When school rolls around again we’ll slow down a bit on shows to focus on education and writing more music. We’re toying around with the idea writing a full length, recording it and releasing 2 songs every month or so until the entire release is out. We figure that way it’s easier to keep people paying attention for longer instead of just flooding everyone with an entire release from an unsigned band.
Q: Any shout outs to give to the readers?
We’d like to give shout outs for all of our (what we like to call) butt buddy bands. Framed In Gold, Drowning, Glasshouse, Arborum, stab.twist.pull. The Examples, Corkscrew, Ruthless and Terror in His Presence. Apologies to anyone we may have forgotten!
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