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Interview with MemoCrasher!

PSAB: Who are your musical influences?

MemoCrasher: Definitely I should start with my recent discover – Alter Bridge. Especially Myles Kennedy’s vocals. All vocal parts on our album are supposed to be growls, but those guys showed me whole another level of arranging clear vocals. So I tried, trained for last year to achieve at least a tolerable vocal skill.

And when it comes to music – we have grown up on Opeth’s music, In Flames – the old one, Arch Enemy, Machine Head, Megadeth, Trivium as well, especially their last album, it’s more heavy metal style than their previous albums, which I find positive. Dream Theater, they’re great instrumentalists. Jeff Loomis, an amazing guitarist, sort of Jason Becker’s legacy. We’re also into Septic Flesh, Lamb of God, Korn and Iron Maiden that’s for sure.

PSAB: The guitar-work is impressive. Did either of the guitarists take any lessons while learning?

MemoCrasher: Not at all. I had 3 guitar lessons when I was 14 and I found out what’s the difference between classical and acoustic guitar and that you can play using a pick or with your fingers and that was pretty much it. We learned everything by ourselves, tried to stay up-to-date with all top guitarists and bands, learn from them, peek their techniques and apply it into our own style.

And it all comes to practice, playing every lick for hours in endless loop.

PSAB: What made you all want to be in a band?

MemoCrasher: Hatred of the human race… And loads of money… And the horny girls of course… It’s cliché  to say passion, but I think it really was the passion… We sacrificed a lot. I suspended my career as a doctor, Hubert suffered from cholesteatoma and he’s got 30% hearing loss in his right ear, so he’s definitely one of the last people, who should mix or play music. Greg and Peter are still fighting with some stereotypes because you know, Poland is pretty much conservative country and we’re not famous for rock’n’roll or metal culture. You can ask Behemoth and Negral what they think on that issue.

So yeah.. I think it’s passion. We just want to show people, that they should fight for their goals. If you feel something is important for you, you shouldn’t listen to the people who say that’s pipe-dream or just give up. Go for it or you’ll become one of those zombies in fancy clothes with no particular purpose in their lives. There will be nothing but empty shell of dreams, filled with used behavioral scripts, false sense of respect and material goods left in your life. And you’ll be telling yourself that’s the way to live and fucking die full of regrets.

PSAB: Any plans on touring in the near future?

MemoCrasher: Yes, we’re going to play in our home town on August, some of the gigs are booked on autumn, all in Poland. We didn’t have much time to organize that because of the album preparations. So we’re about to plan this in the nearest future. And we can’t wait to get to foreign fans and play abroad!

PSAB: Do you guys seeing yourselves being signed by a record label anytime soon?

MemoCrasher: Frankly, I don’t know if any record label would be interested in cooperating with us right now, because our brand is too weak. You can clearly see a trend. They sign mainly the biggest stars to compensate revenue loss. So I think that today we wouldn’t be able to negotiate a decent record deal. But who knows, maybe someone will have a leap of faith and give us a chance in an old-fashioned way.

On the one hand you can do everything on your own via internet these days. There are plenty of useful tools there, but on the other hand labels know their skill, how to market music to the right audience, organize tours, promotion, stuff like that, so you can focus on making better music instead of calling pubs and venues all day long trying to book some gig.

Our job now is to make as much buzz as possible, generate our own success to prove to them that we’re record deal worthy. Talent is not enough today. You have to be a business partner, not a wishy-washy party boy, who just wants to get high and bang some chicks backstage.

PSAB: What bands would you like to tour with?

MemoCrasher: Definitely our current dream is to support Alter Bridge. Supporting Trivium would be awesome as well. I think this kind of metal genre fits us.

I don’t know if any hardcore bands would like to cooperate with us because of our clean vocals… We may not be ‘true’ enough for them :D. For now it can also be a problem to tour with smaller bands just as adventure journey because of a distance.

But honestly, we are open for any suggestions and business offers as long as anyone will try to turn us into Nickelback junior…

PSAB: What’s every member’s favorite song off Revenant?

MemoCrasher: Peter loves our opening song Shooting Star. Detrimental Joy is Greg’s favorite I guess.  ‘ēggel hazāhāv is Hubert’s number one. And for me – I do recommend the Mothman Killer. I made this song on my birthday. I was in the bus, sleeping on my way back home. I heard the melody while dreaming, woke up and played it in the air for 4 hours to not forget those riffs. After I came home, I just played the whole song at once, so it was just pure inspiration.

PSAB: Any final comments/thoughts?

MemoCrasher: It was pleasure to have this interview. Honestly, it was my first English one, so I hope there weren’t many typos in it.

You can check our brand new album Revenant on YouTube or contact us to get your own free digital copy. We hope you’ll enjoy our music and what else can I say if not: See you at the gig!

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