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Interview with Louder Than Quiet!

Band: Louder Than Quiet
Genre: Death Metal

Q: Why was the name “Louder Than Quiet” chosen for the band?

Well we had been a previous band with an even weirder name and we went through an entire battle of the bands competition and gotten second place. The prize was to open up a festival in Annapolis, Maryland but then out of nowhere my drummer leaves and he said he owned the band so he basically kicked all of us out lol. We had the show in a week and were all too stressed to think of a name. My guitarists girlfriend had a book of names because she’s an artist and the first name in the book was “louder than quiet”. It was the best we had and after the show it just stuck.

Q: You have played a lot of shows; which show has been your favorite thus far?

Our favorite show has to be 4/20 of last year when we got to open up for iwrestledabearonce, Glass Cloud, and The Greenery. The only upset was that Molotov Solution was supposed to play but something happened and they couldn’t play our venue. But sharing the stage with iwabo’s original lineup was unforgettable.

Q: When can we expect a new album from Louder Than Quiet?

Were currently working on releasing two EPs at the same time. The first one is almost done. It’s called The Sight Of Screaming Children and is going to be post hardcore, metalcore, and deathcore. It has a single featuring Orion of In Dying Arms. The second EP is called In The Presence Of Prometheans and its going to be melodic death metal. And it features a guest on the single but you’re gonna have to stay tuned for that.

Q: How is the underground metal scene in Upper Marlboro, Maryland?

Well other than Dying Fetus, we are the only metal band to ever spawn from upper Marlboro. Our county is mostly inhabited by people who listen to rap or gogo. Most of our shows have been in southern Maryland (Waldorf) or northern Maryland (Baltimore) or Virginia. It was definitely harder for us because our friends who are in bands could get a lot of support from their hometown with ease but with our band most of our hometown thinks were playing devil music and won’t even give us the time of day.

Q: You have two general managers, Bill and Alesia, how has it been working with them?

Its been cool. They are related to band members so basically they promised to help us and way they can until we can get to the next level of management. Our heart is set on Artery or The Agency group but i guess that is all in due time.

Q: You’re currently not signed, what label would you prefer to be signed to?

We’re torn lol. We like Artery, Roadrunner, Sumerian, MetalBlade, and Century Media. But at this point beggars can’t be choosers. We just want a label that won’t change our sound at all or one that will have us starving lol.

Q: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?

Yes shout out to all our loyal fans from pg county Maryland who go against the grain and listen to metal and support us. Shout out to Orion from IDA, Dan from Chelsea Grin, Adam Cody From Wretched, and everyone else who has helped us get to this point. Shout out to our local scene.

It always feels like its dying but bands and promoters are keeping it together like Arabella, Encasing Embrace, Infamy, and it must occur, and Tyler Greene from ABACABB. Shout out to all the blogs too especially Pig Squeals And Breakdowns, BeaheadingTheTraitor, Sick Breakdowns, and Pure Deathcore. Stay tuned for these EPs and we promise you quality music as long as we exist as a band.

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