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Interview with Lifecurse!

Band: Lifecurse
Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Progressive Metalcore

Q: Where did the band name “Lifecurse” come from?
I came up with Lifecurse because I was on a string of bad luck and was trying to attribute it to something. With karma being a kind of played out word, I wanted something that was a little more personal to me. I came up with Lifecurse through a conversation with a friend where I told him “My entire life is cursed” and just laughed it off, two years later here we are haha.

Q: You’re currently working on a new album, when can we expect it to be released?

We do not have an exact release date yet. We are doing the final tracking in early January but plan on releasing it as soon as possible. We are also going to be selling the digital copies for $1 as a way to say thank you to our fans for sticking with us, because we pretty much have another album written ready to go, we just want to get these songs out and get everyone acquainted with the new sound.

Q: You support tons of companies, bands, etc. Which one has been the most supportive towards the band?

There have been a few. Honestly, it’s just been a venue… GroundZero in South Carolina, Mick has hooked us up more than anyone else possibly could have. It is the only venue close to us that will put us on with national acts, and it’s an hour away from where we live. We get very little love in our hometown and we’ve built a nice pack of people that come out and throw down every time we play GroundZero. It’s nice when a venue owner sees the potential in your band before he sees the dollar signs.

Q: What one band influences your music the most?

Probably The Ghost Inside, they are melodic and heavy, and the lyrics are very optimistic. I think they are the complete package as far as a band goes.

Q: If you could play with any band, broken up or not, which band would that be?

The Ghost Inside, Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, Texas in July, Killswitch Engage. The list goes on lol.

Q: What label would like to be signed to?

That’s a tough question… I have spoken to very few labels so I honestly don’t know who does what for who. It seems like Sumerian really takes care of their bands, but I don’t know if we’d fit there. The smaller ones seem to not know what they are doing, which is why we are strictly DIY. Honestly, I feel like if you keep going around knocking on doors, rocking people’s faces off and making noise, the right label will come. Don’t go searching for them, reach out to them, but as long as you are giving every bit of yourself, there is no greater reward.
Q: Any shout outs to give?
Well, shout outs to you guys of course. There are so many promotion pages on Facebook, I can’t even keep up with all of them lol. But I love what all of you do, you guys keep bands going and get us new fans. Yeah, I guess I just wanna give a shout out to anyone that has never been given a shout out before :). Hopefully that took care of a good chunk of people reading this :)!

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