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Interview with Kissing Candice!

Kevin caught up with metalcore band Kissing Candice!

Kevin (PSAB): How did you guys come up with the name of Kissing Candice?

The Endeavor: Ill give you the short version of it. Candice was a girl that I went to high school with. I kissed her one time during a game of spin the bottle at a friends house. It was one kiss and I figured something good would come of it like a relationship. Of course through high school you lose touch with people. I found her a couple years later on Facebook and she was what I would call the poster board for the perfect American family. She just looked like a pretty mom with kids, a dog, a cat, a fence outside, great house.

Kevin (PSAB): What does that mean to you?

Kissing Candice: Basically, the one that kind of got away.  At the same time, I guess she had to kiss me you know. But there is always that what could have been thought. I guess that is kind of what got me listening to heavy music. I was just like, fuck girls, im not even going to try to even kiss a girl right now. She is actually unaware of the band.

Kevin (PSAB): So how did everybody join the band?

Kissing Candice: The producer that I went to school with recorded my old band(Dr. Acula) and he knew Walt. Than he said he knew bass player so we recruited Grippo. Than we found Pak-Man while he was in Blood of the Martyrs. We asked him if he wanted to wear a mask and join us on drums. He said yeah then he joined us on Mayhem fest last year.

Kevin (PSAB): What started all the masks?

Kissing Candice: Originally we did makeup and blood and stuff. Than Dreamer brought in clear plastic masks. We put them on and played a show with them. The kids weren’t like “o that’s gay” they thought it was pretty cool. It just stayed and as we grew as a band, so did the masks. We eventually got real masks made. Since we are all real big horror fans it seemed fitting. Pizza and horror.

Kevin (PSAB): Whats the writing process for you guys?

Kissing Candice: Dreamer is constantly writing songs and skeletons.  Same thing with Walt. We will go into the studio and they are like “okay, I got this…”. Then we start tweaking and adding and taking away from. Than it just builds from there.

Kevin (PSAB): What would be the ultimate goal for you guys?

Kissing Candice: We wanna be like Rob Zombie level. Like stadium/arena shows. Get to that level wear kids show up wearing the masks. We played a show in Peoria, IL last night and not a huge show but the kids showed up with their own masks. The response it great to these. Of course we get the haters “ooo Slipknot rip offs”. Then we have the kids that are like “oo that’s cool”. We just take it as it comes.

Kevin (PSAB): What would be the craziest show?

Kissing Candice: Mayhem fest. All around. We had some of the worse shows and some of the best shows on that tour. It was pretty all encompassing.

Kevin (PSAB): Does anybody have any certain guilty pleasures in music?

Grippo (Kissing Candice): the new Justin Bieber album

Joey (Kissing Candice): LInkin Park Hybrid Theory. Brings me back to my high school days.

Pak-Man(Kissing Candice): Hillary Duff

Kevin (PSAB): Is there  any show that you can remember that was the absolute worst?

Kissing Candice: In Pittsburgh. I don’t even know were to start. The bathroom was flooded and so small. It looked like somebody had been squatting there. When you first walk in his bedroom was right there. There was books and dressers and a mattress. In the back there was a bunch of random speakers stacked on each other. Two mics running through a 3-channel pa. It just looked like it could have been a room in Saw. The floor was covered in piss. No joke. It was just so bad. We always give 110%. That show we actually cut 2 songs because we just didn’t want to be there.

Kevin (PSAB): Is there anything that you see in metal now that is over used or under used?

Kissing Candice: Too many breakdowns. Its like who can chug the slowest. Its breakdown after breakdown.

Kevin (PSAB): Is there any certain band that you want to tour with or certain festival youd love to be on?

Kissing Candice: The European festivals. Soundwave. But when it comes to tours we will play with anybody. It helps us get more fanbase

Kevin (PSAB): What is in the near future?

Kissing Candice: Hoping the Gathering of the Juggalos. The juggalo scene really treated us well. More tours. Then hopefully get back into the writing process around early next year.

Kevin (PSAB): Any final words?

Kissing Candice: Thank you guys for supporting and checking us out. Be opened minded about bands that might be different. Let something new in. It seems like the new thing is all about numbers. who has more facebook likes. That doesn’t matter. Its about who comes out to the shows and supports the scene. That’s what means a lot to us.

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