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Interview with Kingsley Amiss!

Band: Kingsley Amiss
Genre: Metalcore

Q: What does your band name “Kingsley Amiss” mean?

We actually get asked that question a lot, and we’re very quick to tell anyone who asks that we’re in no way related to the dude from the YouTube videos. Kingsley Amis was a prominent writer/philosopher from Britain, and was regarded by other writers as annoying. When asked about how he felt about being thought of that way, he said, “If you can’t annoy somebody, there is little point in writing.” When we were thinking of what we’d call our band, Jake, our rhythm guitarist, came across this quote. Since a lot of people find our genre to be “annoying” (as put so well by our friends and relatives) he wanted to have our name connect to Amis in some way. The extra “S” makes it so that we can pay tribute to him, and still have our own unique name.

Q: What is the metal scene like in Leominster, Ma?

Sadly, there wasn’t a lot going on in Leominster for a while until recently. There was thriving scene in Leominster up until around 2009-2010, but due to some trouble at shows then, it became harder and harder to find venues; some even banned shows entirely. However, just this past Saturday, there was a return of shows to Leominster. On 2/16 we played a HUGE show at the Franco American in Leominster with over 150 people in attendance and some amazing bands on the bill including Pathogenic, Aurora, Grandview, and Atlas.

The owner called the police on us after seeing a lot of kids moshing, but since no one at the venue was doing anything illegal, and everyone who ran the show’s professionalism they told us to be done by a certain time and left. Besides that and the manager’s numerous attempts to shut us down, an awesome, fun, and above all respectful show was had and we all agree it was one of the best shows we’ve been a part of yet. We can’t wait to play even more shows in our hometown.

Q: You’ve only been around since March 2012, why start so late?

Well honestly, the biggest reason we formed so late is that we didn’t all know each other until just prior to us forming. We were all passionate musicians, but came from very different backgrounds. Jake our rhythm guitarist and Jeremy our screamer were apart of our high school’s Jazz band and did Robotics when they weren’t doing that. Nick, our clean singer, was singing for another band and looking for another group to jam with. Peter, our bass player, started as a thrash guitar player and playing as a sideman for an oldies band after playing saxophone in his school band for years. He didn’t even pick up a bass until shortly before we invited him to join the group, but he’s become sort of our living mascot under his moniker “Jerome Mon Senor.” Rob, our drummer, was heavily involved in his school’s theater company and played drums in his garage in his spare time. Anthony (aka “Keith Bradford”) switched to mainly guitar after playing percussion in school band, and composed massive amounts of music by himself while dreaming of being in a band.

While our backgrounds were all different, we basically came together through our connections to High School Band. Rob and Anthony were unceremoniously kicked out of Jazz Band in early 2012, and spent their time playing in their school’s auditorium during that class time. Anthony quickly caught everyone’s attention showing his guitar prowess at the young age of 15. Rob invited Anthony and Jeremy over his house to jam, and shortly before that day asked Jake (who had some song ideas written that he wanted to hear played with a band) to join in. That first jam we learned to play “Six Ways to Sunday,” our first, and a lot of our fan’s favorite song with our original clean singer. When things didn’t work out with him, We had Jake switch over to rhythm guitar from bass, and invited Peter to join in as our bassist. Peter learned our whole set in one week leading up to our debut show when we asked him to fill in for Jake, who wasn’t able to perform that night. We eventually found Nick Syns to fill the spot as clean singer.

Q: You’re not signed to any label right now, what label would you like to be signed to?

Ideally, the 3 label’s we’re really interested are Housecore Records, (founded by Phil Enselmo of Pantera) Rise Records, who have really opened the door for a lot of Post-Hardcore bands, and Victory Records, who’ve worked with a lot of bands we admire including A Day to Remember and Atreyu.

Q: When is your debut EP to be released? This year?

We’re currently working on our debut EP with Cognitive Dissonance and we’re completely in love with how it’s sounding so far. We don’t have a release date set yet, but we’re aiming for spring/summer of this year.

Q: What are your immediate plans for 2013? 

Our plans are to play as many shows as possible and show more and more people who we are. We want to play all over and make as many friends and fans as we can. One of the steps we took towards this was getting on Breakthru Music’s battle of the bands. Whoever wins this competition on March 29th moves one step closer to earning a spot on 2013 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, featuring bands such as Anthrax, Opeth, and Suicidal Tendencies. We plan on giving this competition our all, just like we do every show. If anyone wants to buy a ticket from us hit up our Facebook page and we’ll make sure you get one.

Q: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers? 

First off, a huge shout out and thank you to Rob’s mom for letting us jam in her basement until we found a legit practice space. We also want to give a shout out to everyone who’s helped us with recordings including Clint Mitchel of Deadside Manor, and Cognitive Dissonance. We also want to acknowledge all of our good friends and loyal fans who go to all the shows and help us out in any way they can, including Crystal Johnson, Brian Looby, Drew Fletcher, and David Benites, the lead vocalist Buried Electric who hooked us up with Cognitive Dissonance. Finally, we want to thank all of the established bands in the area who’ve shown interest in us and in a sense taken us under their wing: our buds in In Armistice, Run For Your Guns, and a group of the hardest working guys in local music, Lydia Ayer.
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