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Interview with It Lies Within!

Kevin caught up with the vocalist, Zachary, from It Lies Within!

Kevin (PSAB): How did you guys come up with the name?

Zachary (It Lies Within): The band honestly when we first started it wasn’t about a trend or name or image. We started about 8 years ago. When my best friend the guitarist (Matthew Groshart) and I got together to decide to do this after playing in bands together for years all through high school. We had taken a little break but music kept calling us back and just one day in the practice room writing our music just trying to get prepared, out of nowhere he just said “It Lies Within”. We weren’t even talking about band names at all.

Kevin (PSAB): So maybe he had been thinking about it?

Zachary (It Lies Within): Possibly. I really dont know. As soon as he said it, we all stopped and we just knew that was it. I feel like its something people can apply which is important to the fan base nowadays. As we are a very positive band, it seemed fitting. Trying to find that niche is, and with the name fitting so well, it just worked perfect. It just gave us that extra push to be confident in who we are and what we want to do.

Kevin (PSAB): I like that. A very positive way of looking things with all that is in the scene. Like i personally love slam but i hate when people say “listen to these guys, their name is brutal or the album art work is brutal!”. Those things have nothing to do with the way a band sounds or message they are putting out.

Zachary (It Lies Within): Whatever it is that makes you listen to music is cool. Music makes the world go round. Different strokes for different folks. If thats because of the name or the artwork so be it. Its important for people to listen to music. Especially if they are paying attention to the metal scene, than that makes me happy. There are defiantly a lot of silly trends going on out there. Mainly im just here to support metal music. Im actually a fan of some silly band stuff myself. Its all in fun

Kevin (PSAB): Well I guess that’s a perfect segway into my next question of, What would be your guilty pleasures in music? Mine would be Will Smith. You cannot disregard the ability to not cuss in rap.

Zachary (It Lies Within): The fact that you bring that up is really really cool, because It Lies Within, we do not use any profanity or any vulgar language. That way we don’t have to put the parental advisory sticker on our CDs. Honestly I don’t want to say that we 100% purposefully did that. We noticed after we wrote a couple of songs that there was a trend going.. We didn’t have to use vulgar words or cuss words to make our sentences finish. I feel like its very easy to resort back to those kind of words. We are here to shed a different light on the metal scene. But to go back to the question at hand, i love so many different types of music. Id be lying if I didn’t say I like a few Justin Bieber songs. We have been bringing in more EDM style and Johnny from The Browning actually produced our latest album and it was one of his first. Very proud of that. So I defiantly like a lot of the EDM stuff. I really like Marshmello, Deadmau5, Zed. you know the guys are killing it.

Kevin (PSAB): Is that where you guys kinda got the idea to bring in the EDM style to your sound?

Zachary (It Lies Within): Absolutely. I would love to see a big tour or festival go out featuring the EDM stars and some metal as well. Like a big glow party with metal. You know like I See Stars, us, The Browning, Exotype, Marshmello, Zed, Big Chocolate, etc. Want to give a big shout out to Steve McCorry he designed and created our uniforms that we wear on stage. So love those dudes to death.

Kevin (PSAB): What would be the craziest show you guys have played?

Zachary (It Lies Within): You know crazy is defined in many ways. As far as the shows that make me still get butterflies or the shows that make my eyes just go wow, we got to get out there and throw down everything possible.

Kevin (PSAB): Is that because of certain bands you are playing with or the amount of people?

Zachary (It Lies Within): That can be a factor. We have been blessed to play with so many awesome bands. The list is just so long. I wake up with a smile on my face everyday because of where we are at with the band. Honestly though, I would say just the festivals are just the craziest time for us. We have to load in at 8 am and set everything up while there are 100 other bands doing the same thing. Than we just look out and there are 15,000 people that are staring at you. I would say that’s crazy. I’m just super stoked to be working hard to make the dreams come true.

Kevin (PSAB): What do you guys see in the future?

Zachary (It Lies Within): This band isn’t going anywhere but up. Im confident for the first time to be able to say that. Our last album took three years to put out. Usually bands that do that wouldn’t really be relevant but we have been playing so many shows. 144 last year, over 180 the year before, and this was still on the same cd that we first put out. The fact that we continue to put it out and get back to our blue collar ways of taking one thing at a time. We still stayed relevant. We were still demanded.

Kevin (PSAB): Have you noticed a difference once the latest album came out a month ago?

Zachary (It Lies Within): This is the first tour we have gone out on the album. We had a few good CD release shows at home up in Flint, Michigan. Big shout out to the Murder Mitten, The Michigan, and Pure Michigan Baby. At the same time, we are on day 6 of the tour today, and yes. I can defiantly already tell that the sixth day of the tour after the cd release, people already know these songs. That right there blows my mind. I can only see bigger things coming. This year is really busy for us. We used to be those guys that had to email people to respond back to us. Now we are the ones getting emailed. Its defiantly a night and day change. I’m gonna ride the roller coaster ride.

Kevin (PSAB): Any final words?

Zachary (It Lies Within): I first want to thank you Kevin for taking time and talking to me and It Lies Within. Second, I want to thank all the fans and supporters. We couldn’t do it with out you. Might sound kind of cliché but I don’t think people can say that enough. It Lies Within is genuinely a band that is here for the fans and the people. We cant wait to meet and see you all. Go pick up the new cd Paramount.

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