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Interview with Invoking The Abstract!

Band: Invoking The Abstract
Genre: Progressive / Technical Deathcore
Q: Where did the band name “Invoking The Abstract” come from?
Well, we racked our brains about a name for days, trying to to settle on something that incorporated our writing process, direction, while still ‘standing out’ from all the brutal names out there. Ultimately, we smoked a shit ton one day and the combination of words just fell out of our mouths, and it was like an epiphany. Everyone knew it was OUR name.

Q: You’re not currently signed to a label, if you could be signed to any label; which label would that be?

We’ve sat and jabbered about so many labels, and the names that always stick are Metal Blade and Sumerian. Metal Blade needs no explanation, seeing as how anyone with a brain and a love for metal know how much they’ve done for the genre and culture overall, and their amazing roster. Sumerian has become the ‘prog/tech’ label of this age, and house some of our biggest influences, including The Faceless and Veil of Maya. But honestly, a label is the furthest thing from our minds at the moment. It’ll come in it’s own time.

Q: How many live shows have your performed at? Which one has been your favorite thus far?

That’s hard to say. I’d estimate about 130-150 in the three years we’ve been shredding. I think each member has their own particular favorite, but the one we’ll always remember was a house show in Columbia, SC. It was called the ‘House of Hardcore’ and we were one of two metal bands, the rest being hardcore, in a tiny, concrete room that could only fit about 25-30 people; everyone else sat outside the door and listened. We crammed ourselves in a corner, began playing, and the room went ape shit. It just felt like a genuine, good ol’ fashioned metal show.

Q: Your EP released in July, how was the feedback for the EP, from other bands and/or fans?

The feedback was amazing. We had always hoped that our music would appeal all over the world, but in the back of our minds I’m sure we didn’t expect it to catch as quickly as it did; especially since we used to play with a drum machine for the first 2 1/2 years. We would play with nationally known bands who would hear us, didn’t even realize we were playing with a machine, then approach us after and most commonly say, “Holy shit, you guys are fucking fast.” It’s a good feeling. Hell, we just like to shred.

Q: What are your plans for early 2013? New EP? New single?

We’re trying to put out a new song in early 2013, and will hopefully begin recording our album by the Fall.

Q: Have any plans on making and selling merch soon?

We should have some shirts printed in early 2013, and we’ll be making them available online.

Q: Any shout outs to give?

Of course! First and foremost, to Pig Squeals and Breakdowns for the support and being one of the first to share our E.P. when it released. I think it played a big part in the shred-spread, as well as DuckCore Blog and Spectral Blasphemy. The amount of work you guys put into sharing and promoting metal is amazing. You help keep us going.
Big shout to our buds in The Terrigen Mist, also originally from South Carolina. We’ve been playing along side them our entire music career, and have never enjoyed sharing the stage more with a bunch of handsome dudes. Also, to Crowning Astaroth, Vindictive Sovereign, Divulgence, ShaoKahn, Homicyde, and End of Avalon. All of these bands have been essential to us as a band, as well as our exposure.
Shout to Majesty Productions in Columbia, SC for recording the E.P.
Lastly and more importantly, to the metal community in South Carolina. They’ve always supported the hell out of us, through thick and thin, and we honestly would not have accomplished anything that we have without their unyielding faith in the Shred. Thanks, you guys.
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