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Interview with Infant Annihilator!

Band: Infant Annihilator 
Genre: Deathcore / Death Metal / Slam
Q: How did the name “Infant Annihilator” come to be?

It was originally a song name thought up a few years ago for one of Aaron’s old bands (As The Blessed Fall). When we first started this band we didn’t expect to take it seriously; we used the name as a kind of tongue-in-cheek parody of death metal band names. The folder we have all of our recording sessions saved in is actually still called ‘Slam Jam’ haha!

Q: How excited are you for your album The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution to be released?

This will be the longest and most technical album that we’ve been involved in. We’re probably more excited than anyone else – we still haven’t heard the completed album. We’ve also never had this much attention surrounding any of our previous projects so it’s a pretty amazing experience for us all! Even the process we go through to organise vocal recording overseas is pretty exciting for all of us – we provide Dan with one song at a time (so he’s still not heard all of the instrumentals) and on the other side of the world, we’re always eagerly anticipating every update of vocals as we’re so used to hearing the instrumentals. Ultimately, every aspect of this project has been unexpectedly fun and exciting! We hope that anyone who listens to it will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed creating it!

Q: What can we expect from The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution compared to your earlier released singles? Heavier? More progressive? Pig squeals?

The album should hopefully cater to the needs of almost every type of underground metal fan. Expect to hear influences from a variety of styles such as deathcore, slam, tech-death, death metal, down-tempo hardcore, grind and mathcore. The songs we’ve released were chosen purposefully – we’ve saved the heaviest breakdowns, most intense guitar, fastest drums and filthiest vocals for the release of the album. And yes, there will be a couple of cheeky pig squeals in there!

Q: What were your influences for your Decapitation Fornication music video?

We honestly didn’t take influence from anywhere. Our close friend James had just bought a brand new camera and wanted to test it out. It was just a decision to go into the forest near our house and film ourselves being stupid (with the loose prospect of a possible music video). When we were filming and editing, we never intended it to be as well received as it has been – it was just a bit of fun!

Q: The drums used in your songs, are they programmed or real? It is difficult to tell when listening to your music, sometimes.

All the drums were played by Aaron on his electric kit the same way he makes his drum covers. The only difference being that we recorded in a LOT of takes. Almost every distinct riff, section and fill in every song was a recorded separately. This was done for two reasons: The first and most important being that we recorded the instrumental side of the album at the same time as writing – we’d think of a riff and then record the drums and guitar straight away; the second reason being that we wanted the album to sound as super-tight as possible. Using this method we actually wrote and recorded the full instrumental side of the album in one week!

Q: One band that is has been most influential to your music?

It’s different for all of us – For Aaron it would probably be Despised Icon. For Eddie: The Black Dahlia Murder. Dan’s main influence is Beneath The Massacre.

Q: Are your friends or family supportive towards your music endeavors?

Unbelievably supportive! Everyone has helped us as much as they can in any way possible. Most notably: James because of his artistic ideas and generosity with his camera and time; and Aaron’s uncle Sab for financial support. Dan’s massively appreciative of his family for putting up with his vocal practice and recording sessions and his friends for their continuous support and belief in what he’s doing.

Q: If you could be signed to one record label; what label would that be?

We’re not looking to get signed anytime soon, but if we had to choose it would be Sumerian Records!

Q: Have any shout outs to give?

Massive shout/thanks out to Rings Of Saturn! If it weren’t for those guys we wouldn’t have half of our fans! Also: Thy Devourer for helping us out in our early stages. Dan would like to shout out to his old bands Betrayer and Dissever The Tyrant for shaping him into the vocalist he is today. We’d also all like to thank Total Deathcore, Chugcore and No Clean Singing for the promotion of our single!

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    Fuck yeah!

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    Dan Watson for President!


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    i fucking love these guys!! i’m eager for their next album to drop.

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      We all are waiting for their next album

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    So, they aren’t lying about the drums ?

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