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Interview with In Search of Solace!

Band: In Search of Solace
Genre: Metalcore
Q: Where does the band name “In Search Of Solace” come from?
It really defines our message and what we are all about, to us, we are all searching through music, actions, love, friends, family, all to find that feeling of being content, being happy, finding solace.
Q: What is the metal scene like in Minneapolis, MN?


It is seriously awesome, there a few shows here and there where I don’t really recognize a lot of people, and then there are shows where I know EVERYONE. I’ve either seen their band, been friends with them, had mutual friends, or played music with them myself. It is seriously one big family. We support each others music and care for each other!

Q: You have released a few demos for free, why did you release them for free instead of charging fans?

Yes we have. We are doing that because we wrote and recorded these demos ourselves, this is by no means an E.P. it is purely to just get our name out there to people other ways than just Facebook, they are not the best quality, it is just to give friends and fans a little taste of what In Search Of Solace has to offer. We care more about spreading our message than we do about making money!

Q: You’re not currently signed to a label, which label would like to be signed to the most and why?

I honestly don’t know which label I would like to be signed to! One that cares about our music and our message as much as we do!

Q: If you could play with any band ever, which band would it be and why?

For me personally (Nick P.) I would love to play with Underoath. They were such a big inspiration to me growing up, I think they were just the right group of guys at the right time! Their message means a lot to me and I hold that band very dear to my heart.
Q: What are you goals for this summer?
Our goals for this summer is to put out an E.P. and possibly follow a couple tours to try to get our name spread! And SHOWS! Lots and lots of shows! We are VERY eager to start playing shows again, handing out free demos, and getting into the studio and make something memorable! Very very big plans for this band!
Q: Any shout outs to give?
YOU GUYS! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do this! Our close friends and family! And new fans! This won’t be the last time you guys hear from us!

We are In Search Of Solace and we won’t give up!


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