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Interview with Impale The Betrayer!

Band: Impale The Betrayer
Genre: Deathcore
Q: What was your reasons for using the name “Impale The Betrayer” for your band?
Impale The Betrayer was one of many names that we as a band were choosing from. We felt it fit us in more ways than any of the other names, and was pretty much right to the point with what we were trying to get across with our lyrics and meaning behind the band.

Q: Your album, A Breeding Ground For Monsters, recently released. How has the feedback been?

We have had all kinds of feedback on the album, a lot of really awesome comments and love from the fans. We love to hear what anyone has to say about it so we can better ourselves and make better music for everyone.

Q: You’re currently working on new material for 2013, when can we expect it this year?

We are actually hitting the studio in March to record some new material and plan to release it very soon. Possible late April, no set date yet.

Q: Which band has been your favorite to play with so far?

We have played with a lot of awesome bands in the past year, to many to choose just one lol. Some of the favorites are King Conquer, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Aegaeon, Bermuda, and Dark Sermon. There has also been a lot of great local talent that we have had the honor of sharing the stage with in the past year as well!

Q: How is the local metal scene in Shelby, NC?

The local metal scene in Shelby is small, we live in a small town and there are only a handful of bands. Don’t let that fool you though cause all of them are very talented, and we are proud to be apart of this small town and its bands! Overall NC has a bunch of really good local bands that deserve to be heard.

Q: The new material you’re working on, what will it be? An EP? An LP?

The new material will be an EP this time. We want to get new music out for everyone to hear and jam out to as well as “A Breeding Ground For Monsters”, while we work on our next LP.
Q: Do you have any shout outs to give?
We wanna give a shout out to anybody who has in anyway supported us by coming to a show, picking up a shirt or CD, or just telling some friends about I.T.B. We greatly appreciate any support we get and hope to keep doing this for a long time. Without the fans there would be no bands and no scene and that would just suck! We also wanna shout out to all the awesome national and local bands we have had the honor of sharing the stage with!
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