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Interview with I’ll Be An Empire!

Genre(s): Progressive Metal
Location: Kennesaw, GA
PSAB: Why did you choose the name “I’ll Be An Empire” for your band? 

: One
of our vocalists, Alex, came up with the idea for our name back in
2010. We feel like it’s a catchy & memorable name that draws people
to our music.
PSAB: You released your EP, Thelema, back in August. How has the feedback been for that? 

reception so far has been amazing! We couldn’t be happier with what
Thelema has done for us as a band, even in the short time it’s been out.
It’s so cool to have your friends/peers listen to & like what we’ve
worked so hard on for so long.
PSAB: If you could do a split album with one other band, which band would that be? 

an extremely tough choice, there are a few we’ve had in mind. Locally,
it’d have to be either Our Thoughts Amounted, Adharma, or The
Antikythera Mechanism. But as far as national/international bands, The
Contortionist or Between the Buried & Me would be awesome.
PSAB: What is the metal scene like in Kennesaw, GA? 

very diverse, for sure. Kennesaw/Atlanta has a variety of great bands
for every genre, as well as every sub-genre of metal.
PSAB: What are some of the bands you listened to growing up? Do those bands play an influence on your music now? 

all listened to somewhat different stuff growing up which shaped our
initial taste/interest in rock music, but now our common influences
would have to be Meshuggah, Periphery, TesseracT, Between the Buried
& Me, Misery Signals, Veil of Maya, Cattle Decapitation, The
Contortionist, & Rings of Saturn.
PSAB: Have any shout outs to give? 

would like to thank Pig Squeals & Breakdowns, first of all, for
interviewing us. Also, shoutout to sphaghetti. We want to thank every
single person who’s bought our EP, your support is what’s helping us
grow as a band! As well as the guys in If Machines Spoke In Riddles,
Adharma, Glacius, Extrania, Sustenance, The Antikythera Mechanism,
Prophet, It Was Late Last Night, A Legacy Unwritten, Decayer, Collapse
of the Empire, & Our Thoughts Amounted for being the eternal homies
& making Atlanta metal as badass as it is! #WhoIsMoneyBastard
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