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Interview with I Am Infamy!

PSAB: I see that you guys currently have four members. Is there a possibility in the near future of adding an additional guitar player that focuses on leads/soloing?

I Am Infamy: That’s definitely on our “To do list” so to speak haha. Finding new band members is a challenging and time consuming process. You end up investing a lot into these people. If you rush things, you end up with the wrong people, and that can cause problems later on down the road. We’re keeping our eyes out for the right person though. We have a couple “fill in” prospects that could potentially become full time members. We keep crossing our fingers for a female guitarist that is interested in this type of music, but those are pretty rare, unfortunately.

PSAB: How does the band go about writing a song?

I Am Infamy: I think we have a pretty atypical writing process compared to most bands. We write all our tracks out in MIDI, using a DAW program. For those of you who don’t know what that means: A DAW is a program like Protools, that producers and musicians use to record and mix music in, but you can also use it to program parts for a song. So we make a track for each instrument, and we program the parts, then when we put all the tracks together, we have a rough outline of a song.   It really helps with this kind of music since there is so much going on at once during some parts. It also allows you to have all your ideas in one place, and grants the ability to write parts that would be extremely difficult to do without a DAW.

PSAB: Who are you guys influenced by?

I Am Infamy: Our band has a very wide range of influences. It’s part of what makes us unique. There are many different “sounds” on our EP, yet it all sounds cohesive. We’re definitely influenced by a lot of the older Metalcore, or “Emo” bands like My Chemical Romance, Escape The Fate, Bullet for My Valentine, AFI. But we also draw many influences from newer bands like Periphery, Issues, or Motionless In White.

The biggest influence ever for us though, is just life. Each of us comes from very colorful, and in some cases, very dark backgrounds. Each of our songs have a very deep personal connection to the band, and the people in it. We have a series of videos coming soon that features our singer, Michael, sitting down and talking about each song, and the story behind it.

PSAB: Do you guys have any tours coming up?

I Am Infamy: We’re working on getting a little something going this summer, and if all goes (at least relatively) according to plan, we’ll be announcing that soon. Beyond that though, we’d like to get out on the road as soon as possible.

PSAB: Any plans on being signed by a record label in the near future?

I Am Infamy: Absolutely. In the next 2-3 years, we’ll be focusing on building the best possible resume we can for when we shop around to labels and management. We would do well on a label like Fearless, Sumerian, Another Century, or InVogue.

PSAB: What is each band member’s favorite song off of this album?

Michael (vocals) (I Am Infamy): That’s a hard one to answer. I’m probably going to have to go with “The Arsonists” though. That song just goes so hard live. People really move to that one. The part towards the end with the weird “gravity cannon” noises just sounds huge live, and they were super fun to build!

Mario (guitary) (I Am Infamy): “The Arsonists”, because the crowd responds with really high energy and goes nuts and its personally my favorite riff to play on the whole album. Plus, it’s djenty, and who doesn’t love djent?

Taylor (bass) (I Am Infamy): “Does it Hurt?” For one, I love the instrumentation, and second It’s the song I relate to the most with its themes of how difficult it is to escape the past, and how much it sucks being human.

Davis (drums) (I Am Infamy): “Night Terrors” From a drumming perspective, there is a lot of room for embellishment. The rhythms in the verses are fun to play because they have a bounce to them, and music that grooves is the most fun to play for me.

PSAB: Would you guys like to tour abroad?

I Am Infamy: Absolutely! Europe especially. The festival circuit over there is absolutely huge. I think there’s a greater appreciation for heavy music over there as well. Japan is another place we would love to play. Some of us are big fans of some of the Japanese bands over there, and we wish they would come to America more often.


PSAB: What is a typical day like for a member of I Am Infamy?

I Am Infamy: We’re all definitely on our grind right now. It’s a busy time for all of us. Obviously our days differ between each person, but as a collective, we’ve been busy booking shows, practicing, going out to local shows, and trying not to party too hard. We’ve even begun drafting concepts for our next release. We love being busy though, it keeps us sharp.

PSAB: Any final comments?

I Am Infamy: Thank you guys for having us on. Be sure to pick up our debut EP FOR FREE on our bandcamp


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Stay evil

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