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Interview with Her Demise My Rise!

Genre(s): Deathcore/Hardcore
Location: California
PSAB: Where does the band name “Her Demise My Rise” come from?
HDMR: Well I actually came from a band called Carnifex and joined demise after I left Carnifex. A good friend of mine was the guitarist at the time
and asked me to join since I repped them so hard on all the early Carnifex tours and helped build there fan base. I’ve been in charge of
demise ever since then which could be a good or bad thing depending on
what music you are a fan of from us haha!
PSAB: You’ve been around in the metal scene for quite some time, since around 2006. What has been the biggest change in the metal scene, that you’ve noticed, since then?
HDMR: The scene has been taken over by a ton of people stealing from artist
from labels, management, promoters all take the biggest chunk and that
leaves the band well in our case on hiatus the past 3 years. Lately I’ve
seen tons of artist come out reaping themselves there own labels and
actually making a living from there talents that is amazing and a very
exciting time in music since my music career started around the
beginning of the death of the hard copy
PSAB: You’re currently working on a new album Curses. When can we expect this to release, and what can we expect from it? Will it be similar to your 2010 release The Takeover?
HDMR: We actually just finished the record this weekend and are sending it to be mix and mastered so were hoping jan/feb release! def the heaviest demise record to date, no singing, no tmills, tons of bounce and some nu metal it is def similar to the takeover music wise but way darker very excited to release a new track!
PSAB: While on the topic of Curses. Will you be releasing this on your own, in DIY fashion, or through a label?
HDMR: Total DIY record we will no longer be distributed by labels and wish
them all a slow death, Curses EP will be FREE as will every release from
this point forward.
PSAB: What bands play the most influence on your music?
HDMR: Early 90’s late 2000 nu metal bands like Sevendust, Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed play a huge part in our art as well as the underground rap
scene like Xavier Wulf, Black Kray etc.
PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans, and the readers out there?
HDMR: All our fans that have stuck around, you are more dedicated than some
members have been so thank you x10000 for sticking with us you won’t be
disappointed in the nu record! And shout out to our boys Xavier Wulf, Chris Travis, and Eddy Baker hollowsquad / waterboyz  / healthy boyz, represent $$$ and of course blog sites like Pig Squeals And Breakdowns for giving the smaller bands like us a voice to a bigger fan base!
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