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Interview with Grave Desecrator!

Answered by Élson “El” Necrogoat (bass).

PSAB: Who are you guys influenced by musically?

Grave Desecrator: We have always been into Heavy Metal and Rock, as well as other different kinds of music. If you´re asking in relation to the band, we may quote most of oldest Death and Black Metal bands, that converges to build our foundation. Brazilian Death/Thrash bands from middle 80´s, Venom, Possessed, Hellhammer, Slayer, Mantas/Death etc are some good examples.

PSAB: How do you guys go about writing a song?

Grave Desecrator: Most songs were composed by Butcherazor(voices/guitar) and Black Sin (guitar), and this time they took a long time to finish them. Our last album “Insult” comes from 2010!!! But they´re all very talented. I composed one full song for this album and wrote some lyrics. Actually, we don´t have strange formulas, we just compose at home and sculpt the songs to the final result at the studio that we rehearse.

PSAB: Any plans on touring abroad in the near future?

Grave Desecrator: We toured in Europe twice, in 2010 and 2012. We´ll try to return there for 2017, as well as USA, South America and all the possible continents and countries we get invited.

PSAB: What made you guys want to be in a band?

Grave Desecrator: It came lately for me. It was not a dream of youth. We just wanna play the shit possessed by darkness in music and mind! The dark side of life ever enchanted us and we decided to make part of it naturally into music.

PSAB: What’s a typical day like for a member of Grave Desecrator?

Grave Desecrator: Daily basis jobs, scape of violence outbursts in our violent city, take care of wives, girls, children, drinks, cigarettes, mary, bars, powerlifting, lustful experiences…Everything we must to do in a so called “third world” country to keep alive and see the life passing until the time we meet death!

PSAB: Have you guys toured internationally? If yes, do you like playing abroad or home more?

Grave Desecrator: Answered above. We prefer to play everywhere else than in our own city. It has no sense for me to play for our close friends that we see all the time.

PSAB: Any final comments/thoughts?

Grave Desecrator: Buy our album and merch at Season of Mist webshop. Thanks a lot!



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