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Interview with Gods of Death Screw!

Band: Goes of Death Screw
Genre: Grindcore

Q: Where does the band name “Gods Of Death Screw” come from?

Death screw is the genre/crew we started. so with the acronym, it fit for us

Q: What is the local metal scene like in Houston, Texas?

The local metal scene in Houston is always changing , but for us, it’s always been nothing but love. We have are crew and our fam here in Houston so it’s like we pretty much make our own scene

Q: Which band has been your favorite to play with so far?

The martyr reborn are our good buddies and we live playin with them. They’re down with the crew too. TXDS

Q: You consider yourself not your stand grindcore band. What do you do in your music that shows you’re not?

People always give us the broad yet vague label as grind or hardcore or break core but were much more than that. We have so many influences that we don’t represent just one genre. It’s pretty fast tho so it’s pretty much crazy ass grind. Lol

Q: Your album, Most Hated, will release this year (or has released this year?). What can we expect from it?

It’s comin this year for sure. This is our second album and were bringing so much more this time. A lot of brutal groovy stuff. Real different from our usual fast paced stuff

Q: What are your plans for this year?

Just push our new album and hit up some put of town shows from Houston

Q: Do you have any shout outs to give?

Our Texas death screw crew!!! Our family and friends that supports us since 2009 And Houston, we wanna be the band that reps Houston so we puttin it out there that we from the H!

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  • Anonymous on

    Txds! Htown reppin all day. Much love . ~heavy

  • Anonymous on

    Txds all day everyday!!!!

  • Anonymous on

    That’s my boys txds

  • Anonymous on

    Best band in Houston! The only band with balls, not afraid to be different than the rest. TXDS!!!!!!!

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