Interview with Galenus!

Band: Galenus
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Q: Why did you choose to use “Galenus” as your band name?

The name Galenus is derived from the Greek name/word galen which in English translates to the word calm. We figured that going with an ironic name was ideal considering that we classify our style of music as hyper/tech metal. Galenus is also the name of an ancient Greek physician/philosopher who wasn’t afraid to stray from the norm in order to obtain knowledge and ideas and we’d like to think that is the path our music is on…a path that strays away from the norm.

Q: You’ve only been around since 2011, why so late and not earlier?

My guitarist and I have known each other for nearly ten years now and we have always jammed together, even had a couple of projects back in the day where we were both on guitar. None of the projects worked so we went on our separate ways where we played in countless projects scattered across Illinois. As you can tell…none of those worked either.

We decided one day that we wanted to start jamming again only this time I (Justin) would jump on the mic and see where it goes. Javi (guitarist) started slinging out all these different tracks and the ideas and lyrics just started spewing out. We recorded some tracks with some generic programmed drums, mixed it, and threw it up on SoundCloud and YouTube and it got somewhat of a surprising response so we continued to roll with it which lead to our EP Ideology. So to sum it all up, we simply waited to long to get the project we always wanted going.

Q: Your most recent EP, Ideology, was released in 2012. How was the feedback from the fans?

The feedback for Ideology is unbelievable. I (Justin) remember when we first released the EP back in early July 2012 thinking that we might get 50 downloads and to be honest, we were pretty happy with that. All of a sudden the EP blew up overnight and the Facebook likes came pouring in along with a ton more downloads than we could have imagined. It was strange typing in Galenus Ideology on Google and seeing 30-50 pages with sites where the EP has been featured. It’s great feeling unlike anything Javi and I have experienced in the past with music.

Q: You’re currently working on new music now, in 2013, when can we expect it to release?

We are looking at another Summer release with the possibility of a one song release as a teaser/gift to our fans sometime in the next month or two. The new stuff…I tell ya…its intense and we will leave it at that.

Q: Are there any bands that play a large influence on your music?

Well we have many influences that range from Tiny Tim to Justin Bieber, but if we really had to narrow it down we would say bands such as The Red Chord, Origin, Danza, Beneath The Massacre, Anomalous, etc.

Q: Who would you like to be signed to the most?

We are a D.I.Y. project. Labels these days honestly just aren’t the way to go. We would rather not be broke for the rest of our lives you know?

Q: Do you have any shout outs to give?

We would like to give a shout out to our girls in Violet Kill, our main dogs in Roman Ring, and we can’t forget those crazy guys in Wasted Fortune!

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