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Interview with Forsaken Promotions (SOS Fest)!

Q: You’re currently managing the SOS Festival for 2013. What does the “SOS” stand for exactly?

SOS = “Stomp Out Suicide”. It is a central MN metal community driven cause to assist suicide prevention.

Q: What were your reasons for starting the festival to begin with?

We have lost too many brothers/sisters, friends, coworkers and the like… we have lost them for no good reason. Everyone has been affected by suicide in one form or another… Two years ago, I personally lost my baby sister to this societal disease and it changed my life. I know how it feels and how extremely horrible it is to lose someone close. So, in my sisters memory I have been striving to help the cause. I wanted to provide a place where we as a community could stand together and tell the rest, NO ONE IS ALONE. I want people to know that every suicide is preventable so long as we don’t allow the stigma about suicide cloud us from thought and prevent action. The best way for me to help is through music. I am a metal promoter and that’s what I do best- put two and two together and this is what we got!

Q: For the people that don’t know, when does SOS Festival start and end?

SOS FEST is August 31 all day. Official morning times to be announced. St. Cloud, MN; https://www.facebook.com/sosmetalfestival

Q: The festival’s goal is to promote suicide prevention. Why this cause over many other causes out there?

There are a lot of worthy causes out in the world that people can and should support, but suicide is something that has affected my family first hand. Every few months it seems I hear about someone I knew or went to school with ending their own life and each time I get the news, it makes me sick to my stomach. The desperation that they must feel is what I want to cure.

Q: There are a lot of big name bands out there; which big name bands are you trying to get to play at the festival?

Hmmm, big bands….  Well I can tell you that we have had an overwhelming response from local and regional bands but as far as “Big Hitters” we have not received as much support as we’d like. We have reached out to the agents for After the Burial, The Color Morale, Goatwhore, and a few others. Heck, we even considered reaching out to Phil Anselmo. Look for an announcement concerning this closer May as it is hard for agents to schedule that far in advance.

Q: This festival will have a lot of sponsors. May you give us some of the sponsors that will be helping the festival?

As far as sponsors, we have not officially began fundraising but the NYDM was the first to come to our aid along with Horizon Clothing, and Music Cities. When we start fundraising, there will be a lot of sponsors, yes. The amount of support for this event is incomprehensible.

Q: The show is free to get in, and is to the public. Why did you choose this route instead of charging for admission?

The Show is FREE. The message is FREE. We want to reach as many people as possible and just felt that it would be best FREE. We will donate sponsorship funds over our operating costs to the foundation. Nothing like this has EVER been done in St. Cloud, MN or ever in MN from what I know. We want the masses to show up. So… August 31 SHOW UP; NO EXCUSES! COME OUT IN THE MASSES!

Q: Do you have shout outs to give to the readers?

As far as shout outs, at this point I want to thank the committee that has come together: Karie, Brady, Chase, Deb, Krystal, Shawn- you all are a blessing to this cause! Thank you to the NYDM and GOOCH for your support! With everyone’s help, we will create a truly memorable event.

We have Road to SOS FEST shows to benefit the festival and the next one is 4-27 in Moundsview, MN at the North Star Room. Many thanks to David and the North Star Room for allowing us to use that facility!

If you are an agent or a band or just someone who wants to help out this cause, please contact Jesse at gsssna@gmail.com

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