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Interview with Flesh Season!

Genre(s): Death Metal
Location:  Logansport, IN
did you choose the name “Flesh Season” for the band?
FS: We wanted something catchy, yet not too cliche with today’s metal band
names. Flesh Season comes from the idea of zombies. It compares humans
to zombies metaphorically. The way a zombie would feed off humans for
food, we as humans feed off each other. All for our own humanistic,
selfish benefits to sum it up.
PSAB: When can we expect your EP Fugitives of a Dying World to be released?
FS: The release date is pending. We want to give the Fugitives of a Dying
World EP demos the justice we feel that they deserve. Recording the
demos before was a very rushed process. We wanna take our time on
perfecting our art at this point. The FOADW demos are currently on our
ReverbNation page. We are also working on 2 new tunes that will also be
featured on a future full length album. Which will include “Virulence”
and one other new song. It’s gonna be heavy as fuck!
PSAB: You’re currently unsigned, if you could be signed to any record label,
which label would that be and why?
FS: I think we could all agree on either Metal Blade or Nuclear Blast
Records. Some of the most inspiring and heaviest bands are on those
labels. It’d be an honor to be signed amongst some of the heaviest bands
in metal.
PSAB: How is the metal scene in Logansport, IN?
FS: Piss poor. Haha. A buncha metal heads with only bars to play at. I feel
like if there was a proper venue here, the metalheads would pack the
place. We pretty much call Centerstage Bar and Grill our home venue. And
that’s 30 minutes away in Kokomo! Haha.
PSAB: If you had the choice to share the stage with any band, which band would
that be?
FS: We can already cross The Black Dahlia Murder off our bucket list. That
was a dream come true for sure. Personally, I’d be honored to share the
stage with Lamb of God, Between the Buried and Me, Periphery,
Whitechapel, or Cattle Decapitation. That’d be sick as fuck!
PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans, and the readers out
FS: We’d like to thank all of our beloved family, friends and fans alike
for all the die-hard support from the very beginning. And those of you
that haven’t given us a listen, check us out on ReverbNation and
Facebook. We hope you enjoy it!- 

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