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Interview with Fate Worse Than Death!

Band: Fate Worse Than Death
Genre: Deathcore / Hardcore / Hatecore
Q: Where did you get the band name “Fate Worse Than Death” from?
Ray: Honestly, one night we were racking our brains to think of a decent name for the band and were randomly flipping through a dictionary for idea/inspiration. We came upon the word “fate” and the rest is history. Over the course of time I believe the name has taken on a more deeper meaning of it’s own given the message of the band. I feel as most all of our music deals with the pain, heartache, and suffering that other people cause you in your life; in a way our music deals with a fate that is “worse than death.” That being anger, depression, and suffering. We have a line at the end of the song “Exile” that says “Is it better to die, or to suffer,” and I think that single line sort of encompasses this whole message in a way.
Q: Your band is an outlet for negative emotions, what was your reasoning for choosing that route?
This band is really our let lose. Our dump-valve if you will. All the pent up frustration, aggression, grievances, and negativity we build up over the days/weeks/months/years we pour into this band. Think of it as our expression of misplaced rage. I feel that negative emotion is conveyed most passionately and emphatically through music; more so than any other emotion. In a way, this has almost become therapy, and myself and the rest of the guys would like to think that listeners and show-goers can find some sort of catharsis and release through our music as well.
Q: Your band is self-managed, why did you choose this instead of having a manager?

A few reasons – 1.) This is really just our passionate hobby and don’t have the money to be pissing away on management, or the desire to have a “boss” so to speak. 2.) We really don’t have a need for it. The only person I think I’d like to have working for/with us at this point, besides us 5, would be a booking agent.
Q: How is your local metal scene in Haverfill, MA?
Haverhill is good and bad. We have had some of our favorite shows at home, but have also had some of the lamest, honestly. The only real venue to speak of in Haverhill is Anchors Up, which is known far and wide in the hardcore community. Problem is that the Anchors Up crowd is not a metal crowd; they are a hardcore crowd. This is an important distinction. That place can be filled wall to wall when a bunch of well known local hardcore bands play, but when local metal bands hit he stage, they basically are playing in front of the other bands. 
As a whole, the scene in this region is dodgy… there are a LOT of bands and a LOT of venues. Between the Merrimack Valley and Southern NH area you can have half a dozen local shows on a given weekend. This makes kids pretty jaded (both fans and bands alike), and we think it sort of kills some of the passion and heart for local music.There aren’t enough people that just go to local shows to go; a lot of people go because their friends’ band is playing, and they will show up for their friends’ band, watch that one band and sit outside the venue for he rest of the night, or just go home. Can be very discouraging for up and coming bands trying to get noticed. Our favorite place to play in Haverhill, MA is RG’s Pub on Winter Street. Everytime we play there it’s a party.
Q: What one band plays the largest influence in your music?
This is really not answerable because between the 5 of us, we all draw inspiration and influences from different bands. If there was one single band we were influenced by the most, then we might as well just do cover songs haha! All 5 of us have a very different “favorite band of all time” so it’s hard to say. People who listen to us and see us at shows say we sound a lot like old Bury Your Dead, Emmure, or Acacia Strain.

Q: Does your family and/or friends support your music endeavors?

For the most part: yes, very much so. We have had siblings, parents, and even grand parents come to our shows and buy shirts and CD’s to support us. We are lucky our families approve of our nasty noise. Our friends DEFINITELY support us. If it weren’t for support from our friends we would be nowhere. We have a wonderful community of support from them.
Q: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?
Bands to listen to and support: Panic Candy, The Summoned, Conflagration, Monarch, Here After, and Pathogenic.

Recording Studios, Agencies, and Promoters to check out: Rigerous Recording (Bryce Kariger), Project 2 Studios (Connor Hayes), The Siren Agency (MA/NH), Steadfast Booking (NY), Revive Booking (MI), DuckCoreBlog, and Metal Local (Facebook page).

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