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Interview with Fail To Decay!

Band: Fail To Decay
Genre: Deathcore / Hardcore

Q: Where does your band name “Fail To Decay” come from?
Funny story, our vocalist and original bassist thought it up while in high school math class. It derives from the term rate of decay. So we made the term “metal” and named ourselves Fail to Decay.
Q: You recently released an EP, The Navigator. How was the feedback from the fans?
The feedback has been great so far. We’ve expanded our fan base quite a bit with the release. This EP has more of a “hardcore” feel compared to our previous releases, but we still kept a good blend of heavy vocals. We believe that many people were surprised that we could be so versatile and this gave us the ability to attract more new fans to our music.
Q: The vocalist and the drummer share the same last name, Carlson, are they related?
They are actually brothers and founders of the band. Random fact, back in 2008 when the band formed Jacob, the drummer, was only in eighth grade (13 years old).
Q: If you had the chance to play with any band ever, which band would that be?
We each have a wide variety in music tastes but one band that we could easily all agree upon would be Lamb of God.
Q: What band has been your favorite to play with so far?
There have been a lot of bands that we have enjoyed playing with, but we played with King Conquer and The Last Ten Seconds of Life a few months back and those guys were the most down to earth people. They helped us understand so much about the touring life and the music industry.
Q: What are your thoughts on people illegally downloading your music?
We would rather have people supporting us and spreading the word about us rather than making money. Our biggest priority at this point is expanding our fan base and getting our name out there.
Q: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?
Shouts out to our boys in Our Judgment, Reaping Asmodeia, We Paint the Sky, and all the other bands we’ve shared the stage with (too many to name!), True Destroyer Clothing, Benjamin Lande Art, our families, and everyone who has supported us and continues too!

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