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Interview with Excellent Cadaver!

Genre(s): Metalcore
PSAB: Where does the band name “Excellent Cadaver” come from?
EC: “Excellent Cadaver” is a term used by the mafia describing the corpse of someone they’d “whacked”. I first heard the term in a Megadeth song and looked into what it meant, we thought it would make a good name so we decided to use it.

PSAB: You released an album in 2012 called Faith Destroyed. How was the feedback when that album released and how is the feedback now?

EC: Faith Destroyed got great feedback, we’ve had a lot of positive reviews and a lot of people seemed really into the album I think having Mark Hunter and Matt Szlachta from Chimaira guest on it helped with that.

PSAB: You plan on writing and recording a new album this year, do you plan on releasing that album in 2015 or sooner?

EC: We’re currently working on the followup to Faith Destroyed, but it’s hard to say when we’ll release it as at the moment, we are spread over 3 cities and have a lot of personal commitments outside of the band also. As we’re unsigned, we also have to look at how viable it will be to record a full length, we have been discussing running with an EP instead this time

PSAB: What band has been your favorite band to play with live?

EC: Our favourite band to play with live was probably Chimaira, or maybe Trivium. Chimaira was awesome because it was at that show that Mark tracked his vocal parts for “Faith Destroyed” and that’s an experience I’ll never forget, having been a lifelong Chimaira fan!

PSAB: You’re currently unsigned. If you could be signed to any label, which label would that be and why?

EC: If we could sign with any label, it’d probably be Nuclear Blast. If you’d asked 5 years ago, I’d have probably said Roadrunner, but they don’t seem to be taking on any new bands, and on the odd occasion when they do, they don’t push them then drop them after one album. All they’ve really done in recent years is sign up a bunch of already huge acts (Dream Theater, Lamb of God, KoRn, Megadeth etc) so I don’t think they’re the right label for a small band now.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans?

EC: We’d like to give a shout out to (probably) our youngest fan, Drew McDonald who sent us our first ever piece of fan mail recently. We’ve heard from his mum that he’s been having a hard time so keep your head up buddy. Cheers to everyone who’s read this interview, checked out our music, attended a show etc too – your support means the world to us!

Answers provided by Drew, a guitarist and the vocalist of the band.
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  • Anonymous on

    This is THE band to watch……….. These guys have an awesome work ethic and get together from all over Scotland to play their intense, melodic lunacy. Big up to Drew for the effort he puts into keeping the live music scene going in this dull wee corner of Scotland. This band need to be signed!

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