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Interview with Everyone Dies Alone!

Genre(s): Progressive Deathcore
Location: Antwerp, Belgium

PSAB: Why did you choose “Everyone Dies Alone” for your band name?
are all fan of the movie Donnie Darko. The subliminal messages in the
movie really caught our interest. In the movie there is a chapter where
Donnie and his psychiatrist have a conversation. here the psychiatrist
asks whether the quest for God is absurd. Donnie answers: “it is if
Everyone Dies Alone” If you compare our lyrics, the concept of our
albums and the movie, the bandname was an obvious choice for us and
didn’t need much consideration. It’s our poetic joust to the world as we know it today.
released your newest album, Piece, back in May. How has the feedback
been for that album? When can we expect new music as well?
EDA: So far we
get positive feedback from fans and magazines, e-zines and other music
related distributors. However it’s difficult in our country to get it
spread around. So we decided to put the album up for free on bandcamp,
Spotify and other download sites. We don’t care about profit, we just
want our tunes to get spread around the world and amongst the fans of
heavy music. For the moment we had some changes in line-up and are
working on new material. Some changes are currently being made in our
style of music. Downtuning the sound, a bit more core, and a lot more
aggression. Shit ‘s gonna be brutal 😉
PSAB: How’s the metal scene in Antwerp, Belgium?
EDA: A lot of metal fans here in Antwerp. Mostly for the styles of Heavy Metal and Hardcore The
other genres such as our own are less popular in our region. Also it’s
not easy to organize a decent gig in our city. A lot of places have been
closed, so the venues here are a dying breed. So mostly we have to seek
it elsewhere.
PSAB: If you had the choice of any band to tour with, which band would it be?
EDA: It’s
not easy to name just one band. Cattle Decapitation would definitely be
one of them, because Travis Ryan is a vocal hero and big influence to
our vocalists. Other bands such as Lifeforms, Humanity’s Last Breath,
Reflections, Black Tongue have all been a great influence to our new
oncoming tunes, so a chance of touring with any of them would be and
absolute honor.
PSAB: What are your hobbies outside of being in the band and creating music?
EDA: Even
outside the band we’re mostly busy with listening, writing and other
stuff linked to music. Music is our passion. Of course some of us do
sports or play on a Playstation, but music is what keeps our blood
PSAB: Have any shout outs?
EDA: Listen to/download our tunes on
bandcamp everyonediesalone.bandcamp.com, spread our music, comment us on
it, agitate local bookers to bring us to your town and we hope to have
the honor to play for you some day.
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