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Interview with Ethereality!

Band: Ethereality
Genre: Metalcore

Q: What does the band name “Ethereality” mean, and where did you get the band name from?
 Ethereality means otherworldly, space, the heavens, etc. Sam and Keith were together one day and came up with the idea for Ethereality and brought it to the band. 

Q: How is the local metal scene in Livonia, Michigan?
 To be completely honest, awful; We’re not the only band in the area that believes so. Most of the bands sound the same, they play the same venues, WITH the same bands, for the SAME people that just sit there and stare. They hire the same few people for videos, shirts designs, and logos. It’s literally like the definition of cookie cutter. Sometimes the crowd moves, I’ll give it that, but it’s always two-stepping and crowd killing. 
The scene is dying. It’s not longer about the “music”, it’s a social gathering, a clique. Now mind you this isn’t me saying everyone is like this, but it’s a big problem. Let’s put it this way, since we released our single, only ONE band shared us and showed support. Everyone else kept silent. Well we aren’t. Not with our music, not with our lyrics, and not with how we truly feel about the music of our hometown. We’re being so blunt – not to be offensive, but to get people to realize metal is a genre where you go to shows with your brothers, act like an animal, and have the time of your life. It’s not about getting tattoos and it’s definitely not about senselessly starting fights.

Q: You are not signed to a record label as of this moment. If you had the choice of any label to be signed to, which label would that be?
 We aren’t necessarily signed to a label, but we are signed. More news on that will be released soon.  We look up to both Sumerian and Metal Blade a lot! Brian Slagel was basically the helping hand in creating and promoting extreme metal along with giving legendary metal bands their start, and Ash has created a stacked lineup through and through that is paving the way for bands like us. Ash/Sumerian started up Summer Slaughter too and we never miss it when that rolls through. 

Q: If you could play live with any band ever, which band would that be and why?
 Zack: Slipknot because that band saved my life and got me into metal as a whole.
Shane: The Black Dahlia Murder because Shannon Lucas liked the level I was at at the time, and told me when I met him at the Guitar Center in Canton, Mi that he’d like to see what I do in the future with my playing. I’d like to get a hold of him and show him that. (Obviously he’s still not in the band.) They’re a huge influence on my playing.
Doug: Job For A Cowboy because they play with a lot of energy live and I’d love to be a part of that. 
Keith: I can’t pick, there are way too many choices. Pantera, Death, or The Black Dahlia Murder would be legendary bands to tour with. Playing for the crowds and fans of those bands would be bitchin’.

Sam: Between the Buried and Me because they are extremely tight live, very nice guys when I met them, Dan Briggs is probably the biggest influence in my writing, and of course they never fail to write awesome music.
Q: Your debut EP is set to release in spring. What can we expect from this EP?

Technicality, anger, a revolution.

Q: Other than your new EP, what are your plans for this year?

Tons of shows, merch, and hopefully a summer tour!

Q: Do you have shout outs to give?
Before the Prophecy, Gift Giver, and everybody who has checked us out so far. Keep your eyes open!
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