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Interview with Era of Desolance!

Band: Era of Desolance
Genre: Hardcore / Beatdown

Q: Era Of Desolance has only been around since July 2012? Why not start earlier?

The band actually started as a side project while we were all in previous bands, but we liked writing together and the music we were making – so Era of Desolance became our main focus. 

Q: When can we expect your anticipated EP in 2013? Early 2013 or late 2013?

As soon as we can get some studio time it’s going down! Haha. We’re so unhappy with our demo, we put that out about two weeks after the band started just to have something for people to hear and it’s honestly done us more bad then good. So until we can get legit recordings – defiantly come catch us live! 

Q: As of writing this interview, you’re working on a new song. When can expect to hear this new song?

We’ll be playing it at shows by the end of this month at the latest. Being a DIY band, it’s kind of hard to find the time and money to get in the studio – but we defiantly are pushing for it and will be putting everything into our first EP.

Q: How many shows have you played, and what has been your favorite thus far?

Hard to keep track now. Haha. We’ve played our fair share for how long we’ve been a band. Our favorite? That’s a hard one… All the shows we play in the Fresno/Madera area are good, super good scene and bands in that area. 

Q: What is it like being sponsored by Terrified Truth Clothing and OneLife Clothing?

It’s awesome, it’s still really weird to us that people believe in us enough to support us, but it’s a good feeling and we appreciate them so much! Havenside is one of the bands we really look up to as musicians, so to have their vocalist’s clothing line endorse us is kinda surreal. By the way – Go pick up some gear from out boy’s at Terrified Truth and OneLife! Haha. 

Q: If there is one band that you think is the most influential to your music, what band would that be?

A lot of them, but as I said earlier – Havenside played a big roll, We still play their music while we’re chilling before practice or on the way to a show. We don’t really sound anything like them, but we do draw a lot of influence from them defiantly.

Q: The holidays are coming up, what are the band’s plans for X-mas and New Years?

We actually just added our 5th member Lucas on guitar, so we might take a small break from shows to work on some new material – but knowing us, we’ll probably do both at the same time. Our plan really is to just keep doing what we’re doing and try to come out strong in 2013. 

Q: Any shout outs you would like to give to the readers?

Big shout out to Pig Squeals And Breakdowns for this interview! Terrified Truth, OneLife, All of our local homies and EVERYONE who supports us, Brandon Wells, Marty Delgado, and Hard of Heart, The homies at Hourglass Records, Everyone that’s ever helped us in any way or shared a stage with us… Thanks for making this possible and let’s keep this going! SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!

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