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Interview with Eminent Slaughter!

PSAB: I noticed that you guys have three guitar players. In future songs will you incorporate more lead guitar playing/solos?

Andrew (Eminent Slaughter): We have solos/leads in just about every song already so the likelihood of more is very good.

Chris (Eminent Slaughter): Since we have begun writing with three guitars, we have been incorporating more leads, harmonies, and some more technical parts. Come out and see us live if you want to preview some newer material.


PSAB: Do you guys have any plans on becoming signed to a record label?

Andrew (Eminent Slaughter): If the opportunity presents itself and we all could mutually agree to the legal terms, we would most definitely consider it.

PSAB: How strongly does your musical influences affect your songwriting/style?

Andrew (Eminent Slaughter): Our musical influences differ greatly actually but we’re all into heavy music so that’s where we come together mostly. I believe what influences us the most is ourselves.

PSAB: What is your favorite song off of your Stench EP and why?

Andrew (Eminent Slaughter): I would have to say that Hang the Rope is my favorite. I really like the composition and the style is more like our newer stuff.

Chris (Eminent Slaughter): It’s a toss-up for me. I would either say Hang The Rope because it’s more along the lines of our newer stuff and Endless because it’s an older song that’s fast and really fun for me to play live.

PSAB: What inspires you to write?

Andrew (Eminent Slaughter): As the drummer, great riffs and a brutal guitar tone inspire me the most.

PSAB: Are there any plans on touring abroad in the near future?

Andrew (Eminent Slaughter): If the opportunity would present itself I’m sure it would be entertained! We’d love to tour some time in the future.

PSAB: I see that you guys only have a couple of videos uploaded onto YouTube. Will you become more active there as you release more music?

Andrew (Eminent Slaughter): We plan to record again in the not so distant future -hopefully- and then release a music video and more.

Chris (Eminent Slaughter): We have been toying with the idea of trying to put out some music and lyric videos. But our focus has been working on new material instead of getting videos out on YouTube. We prefer people to get out to shows and support their local music scenes rather than hide at home behind a Dorito-filled keyboard.

PSAB: Final thoughts/comments?

Andrew (Eminent Slaughter): Man, thanks for checking us out and doing what you’re doing. We’re just grateful to be able to do what we’re doing and play the music we love for people who can connect to it. Keep up the support as we will.

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