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Interview with Drown My Day!

Band: Drown My Day
Genre: Death Metal / Deathcore
Q: What does the band name “Drown My Day” mean, and why was it chosen for your name?
The name “Drown My Day” generally means “turn the day into nightmare”. It’s the opposite of “make my day”. Adam (drummer) came up with that idea and we agreed as every good metalcore band should have words like “my”, “me”, “her” in their name. Old times…
Q: Your single “Undead God” released in 2011. How was the feedback then?
“Undead God” was the first stuff we had released since Maciek “Zvish” (guitarist, composer) left the band. The feedback was very positive and today “Undead God” is something like the Drown My Day’s anthem. People know the lyrics and sing with us!
Q: Confessions, your full-length album, that is due to release in April. What can we expect from this album?
You can expect powerful mix of deathcore end modern death metal. Every song tells a different story. There are lot of breakdowns and the sound is very brutal. You can also find some melodies and catchy moments. We think our new stuff will meet the expectations of core fans as well as metalheads
Q: You’re currently signed to NOIZGATE Records, a record label based out of Germany. How is it being signed to them?
We are very proud of that fact especially that NOIZGATE came toward us with an offer. They are very helpful and treat us well. On the other hand, we are quite disappointed that neither of top polish labels was interested in signing the contract with us. Home labels seem to be not concerned with metal and core bands at all. There are many great bands up here, but unfortunately neither of them will get an offer from polish label and they will be forced to look for a contract somewhere else.
Q: How is the local metal scene in Cracow, Poland?
The local metal scene in Cracow is strong, I guess. People eagerly go for the metal concerts if they have a reasonable price. There are a lot bands as well. However the scene is divided. You can go to the metal show and then core show and you’ll see totaly different people. And the same situation is when it comes about musicians. Metal musicians and core musicians generally don’t know each other. Maybe we will unite the scene? We hope we will!
Q: Other than your full-length being released, what are your plans for this year?
The plans are quite simple – play as much as possible, visit new places, show ourselves to new people and meet with our current fans. We are slowly starting to write new songs for the subsequent album. 
Q: Any shout outs to give?
Shout outs? We’d like to say hello to all our fans and supporters. See you on the shows! And don’t drown your day!
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