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Interview with Dropbear Disaster!

Band: Dropbear Disaster
Genre: Metalcore
Q: There is band named “Dropbears,” is your name anyway influenced by their band name? If not, where does your band name originate from?

James: Haha funny you should ask that, no actually, I stumbled across these guys while looking up our own videos to show to some mates and started to listen to them from then on. Our band name before Dropbear Disaster was actually Dirty Foreskin (I know it’s pretty fucked up) but we decided one day to change it so Dropbear Disaster. It originated from me on YouTube looking up Dropbear attacks (have no idea why) and while watching I noticed one of my favorite bands had a song in the related section the band was Chainsaw Disaster and I kind of put two and two together, yeah doesn’t really have much meaning but hey, that’s life.

Q: Since starting your band, how has your life been? More busy?

James: Well life since the band started has been great, I can’t even begin to explain everything that has happened as a result or around the time the band has been around. So far it’s been better than I had thought it would have been in the time we’ve actually been doing stuff, life has definitely been more busy, a lot more busy. Life has just become a whole lot more interesting for me anyway, met great people, lost some too, but all round I definitely have no regrets in regards of the band.

Q: The band has been around for nearly a year, but you guys are just starting to put out an album. Why is this?

James: Yeah we’ve almost been around for a year now, after releasing some purely shitty music under the name Dirty Foreskin when it was just me and my mate we didn’t release anything for a long time. After a long time sitting around building Dropbear Disaster up from the shit it started as we started to write better material and more meaningful lyrics, most of our time has been put into that.

Back to the question, well with the amount of time we’ve had and with the new members joining recently and all, we’ve been polishing up songs we have had thought up for close to when the band started. About 3,000 improvements and recordings later we have a almost finalized song, another set-back we’ve had is equipment, since I am the only member in the band that has a job funds for equipment is extremely slow, even now we’re saving for new equipment.

Q: If there was one band you could share the stage with, what band would that be?

James: I’d have to say The Amity Affliction, those dudes are fucking hectic, they go off live and another bonus is just their lyrical content, it means so much to me and they’re one of the biggest inspirations into why we formed this band and their drummer Ryan, he is one of the few drummers I look up to.

Q: What is your local scene like for “underground music?”

James: To be honest it isn’t really that great, our local area is sort of dead music wise, we have local bands come and play gigs every now and then, but when they do come, everyone knows to get their asses down there and mosh as hard as humanly possible.

Q: What is your opinion on illegally downloading music?

James: I don’t really know what to say about this one, like if everyone was honest not one person could say that they’ve never illegally downloaded at least one song (unless they are unable to). I’m gonna say sure I have downloaded music illegally before, but like I said, who hasn’t? I really think it’s one of those things that can never really be stopped, pretty much the only way to stop illegal downloads would be to close the internet but is that really worth it? And plus that wouldn’t stop illegal distribution in other ways.

I know where musicians come from when they get pissed when people don’t pay for their music they work so hard to produce, that’s why I only download music that I know I’d buy if I saw it in a store (I don’t buy music off of iTunes or online, I like to have the CD itself) but I know it’s still wrong. I don’t really know what my reaction would be to people illegally downloading Dropbear Disaster’s stuff, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Q: What is your primary goal for 2013?

James: For 2013 we’ve got a lot of expectation, new demo and split-CD with our mates Burn The Skies Alive, maybe an EP, hopefully gigs and if we’re extremely lucky a record deal. I think for now we’ll just focus on the demo and split-CD before we jump the gun and get excited for something that may not come until further down the track. Yeah, I guess we’ll just see what happens and hope for the best!

Q: Any shout outs to give to any individuals, companies, or bands?

James: I’d like to shout out to Toby Wilson from Inhale The Sea, he’s been a massive inspiration into our formation, if you see this man, thanks Uncle Toby’s Oates you mad cunt! 😉 Also Liam Totton from Burn The Skies Alive for being a mad cunt also, my friends and family for all the support to keep going with the band, Hunter Valentine from Black Venom Prormotions for giving us a hand and giving advice! My absolutely beautiful girlfriend Dakota for pushing me to keep going no matter how annoying the guys got 😉 and last but most certainly not least our fans. I know you crazy motherfuckers are out there somewhere supporting us, without your support and feedback we most likely wouldn’t be doing what we do today, cheers everyone and if there’s anyone I forgot I’m sorry. Stay Br00tal motherfuckers!

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