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Interview with Doom Breeder!

Band: Doom Breeder
Genre: Deathcore
Q: Where does the name “Doom Breeder” come from?

Well, I’ve always loved and appreciated the heaviest, more brutal music I can find, and I always appreciate a good intense sounding name to match the music. So the name Doom Breeder just came to me while I was writing some new riffs. It really fit the sound I was going for and to me, the name sounds memorable. I even did an extensive search on Google to make sure no one else had it because I thought for sure it had been thought of, but nope! thus, Doom Breeder was born.

Q: What is it like to be a one-man band instead of being in a traditional band, with three or more members?

Well, as we all know, being in a band can be tough. Not everyone is always on the same page, and it can be extremely stressful to get music written that everyone likes, and at a reasonable pace. I’ve been in bands where it took months to get one song finished, and it was still just okay. Me always being a drummer, never had much say in the riff making.

A few years ago, I decided to take matters into my own hands and start learning guitar. I constantly have music flowing through my brain all day, so I really took off fast with it, and before I knew it, I was putting my own songs together at home, and they were sounding pretty good. So, to really answer the question, I found myself to be far more motivated than most local musicians in my area, and needed to get the creativity out, and a couple years later I created Doom Breeder.

Q: You’re currently holding a drum cover and vocal cover contest for $100 for each. How has that been going thus far?

Too be honest, the contest hasn’t been going too well. The hardest thing in this music scene is getting enough exposure, and standing out from all the other bands out there. Every band is so good these days its mind blowing, but also makes it tough to get noticed. I’m still currently working on releasing an EP, so I can understand why traffic to the page has been slow, even with intense promoting. The intention was to spark more interest in the page, and get the community involved in something fun, and what better fun than winning money for playing music! But, so far has proved to be unsuccessful sadly.

Q: Are there any other one-man bands that influenced your decision to go that one-man band route?

I’d have to say my biggest influence at the time I was getting Doom Breeder going was Disfiguring the Goddess, its just so heavy and brutal, and once I found out it was all done by one guy, I was blown away. It really drove me to do the same and write my own brutal music. Another one man band I have a lot of respect for is Enemy AC-130 Above. I love listening to his music, great sound and style, I have a lot of respect for those guys, and a few others I am blanking on at the moment.

Q: Other than one-man bands, what bands influence your music?

Anything heavy and groove based is what I love the most. Since I’m a drummer by nature, I gotta have non stop rhythms and groove in the music I listen to. Big influences for me are bands like Structures, Intervals, Bermuda, Volumes, We Butter the Bread With Butter, Carnifex, All Shall Perish, The Contortionist and especially Veil of Maya. There’s too many bands to name but I have much respect and am influenced in one way or another by all the good metal out there.

Q: You’ve only been around since 2012 (this year), what are your plans for 2013?

Yes, I’m still a very new project, but I have big plans for 2013. I want to release 2 EP’s at least, get some nice merch for sale, and really work on building the audience of Doom Breeder and getting the name out there. Who knows, if things go well enough it could turn into a full touring band! haha, I can dream right!

Q: Any shout outs you would like to give?

I definitely want to give a shout out to Daily Dose of Brutality, Pig Squeals and Breakdowns, Pure Deathcore, Blackvenom Promotions, Mind Killer Ink for the artwork and all the pages and people that have helped post and support Doom Breeder.

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