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Interview with Dividing The Element!

Band: Dividing The Element
Genre: Death Metal / Deathcore

Q. Where did you get the band name “Dividing The Element” from?

The idea of the name Dividing The Element was pretty much inspired by Tetrasomnia or Doctrine Of The Four Elements known as water, air,fire and earth. Each element divided was said to cause an imbalance in creation and spiritually as well, therefore the name Dividing The Element.

Q. What one band has played the most influence on your music?

We as a band have various inspirations and more than one specific taste in Metal music. Naming one specific band would be hard to say but the few bands we all have in common are The defiled, Whitechapel, Chelsea grin etc…
Q. How is the local metal scene in Harare, Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe never really had a metal scene up until now, Dividing The Element was the first extreme metal breakthrough in the countries history. The country itself mostly revolved around punk, jazz and blues before but only recently a metal movement started progressing. A few more metal bands have been emerging from all over the country side and a few bands from our neighboring countries wanting to perform with us as well. So the future is very promising for the metal scene here, its only getting started but quicker than any of us expected.
Q. Your EP, Revolution Among Oppression, recently released. How has the feedback been?

The Revolution Among Oppression EP definitely took a lot of people by surprise. know one expected a deathcore record from Zimbabwe in the first place so its gone pretty far. Unfortunately as a self promoted underground band we could not invest in promoting it world wide through a label but we have done our best with our resources and have not had any negative feed backs. Seeing as it was our first release we didn’t expect  much from the public but the responses took us all by surprise. This really has inspired us to work on more material and progress as a band to as far as the music takes us.

Q. Does your family and/or friends support your music endeavor?

When the idea of a metal band first came to mind, everyone was pretty much skeptical about it. Seeing as its never been done before in this country. We had a lot of negative responses towards the idea and as a band ourselves we too knew this was very risky. But we went ahead with it anyway because we loved the music. We managed to pull it off successfully and since then we’ve had a lot off support from friends and family. 

What are your plans for 2013? New album?

2013 is going to be a very busy year, we are currently working on new material for an album release which will probably be released closer to years end. Were taking the time to craft our sound and hopefully make a bigger impact world wide with this upcoming album. Apart from the album we have a few scheduled gigs lined up with a few bands from our neighboring countries. we only hope this will help build a following beyond our borders and expand the fields in which we hope to spread our music.
Q. Any shout outs to give?

Would like to give a shout out to to the Pig Squeals And Breakdowns’s team for giving us this chance to get to know us better as well as all our followers for the support they’ve given us.

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