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Interview with Disrupting The Abacus!

Band: Disrupting The Abacus
Genre: Deathcore
Q: Where does the band name “Disrupting the Abacus” come from?

The abacus always seemed like an appropriate symbol for the progression of the human species. It was one of the first of many tools humans invented that allowed for thinking with pure, unbiased logic. It is an accomplishment that often seems unappreciated in this modern day and age. Many, including ourselves, seem more interested in behavior that disrupts that kind of thought process: disrupting the abacus. It is a call to arms of sorts.

Q: You recently released a single, Archetype, how was the feedback?

It definitely has gained us some fans. And that’s the main goal, to be heard. Fans are the most important part of making music. It also gave us some crucial feedback we needed in order to progress as a band and for our future releases.

Q: You’re based out of Chicago, how is the underground metal scene there?

Well there is definitely some spots that have great venues and followings for metal bands in the surrounding areas. We live by the Midway Airport area and there is close to no metal scene here. We hope to change that.

Q: You’re not currently signed to any label, if you had the choice of any label to be signed to. What label would that be?

Sumerian. 100%. Our biggest influences come from that label. Such a talented group of musicians. But that does not mean we would not sign to anyone else. There is many amazing labels for metal we would love to be a part of.

Q: You’re currently working on an your LP, The Arrival, when can we expect the release of that?

Yes yes. The debut LP! We can’t stress how much we want to show people this album! We are recording with the incredibly talented CJ Romano. If all goes as planned. We are hoping for a Late Spring/Early Summer release 2013. Art work preview coming soon!

Q: What are your plans for 2013?

Right now our main goal is to finish up and finalize this album. Once that is all done we plan to start booking/playing as many shows as possible. Still trying to finalize our live equipment set-up as we are 100% DIY, and we are not the richest of dudes. Doing everything we can with what we have to get our music heard and have a good time doing it.

Q: Any shout outs to give to the readers?

We would like to personally thank everybody who has taken time out of their day to give us a listen, we appreciate every single one of you. Music would be nothing with no ears to listen. You have our word that if you like what has been heard so far, this album will def not disappoint. We’ll see you in the pit!

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  • Anonymous on

    I have to disagree with Chicago having no metal scene. You obviously aren’t going to the right shows.

  • Anonymous on

    Quick note to the readers, I am not the first anonymous person, however I agree with him. Midway actually has a decent metal scene I know a couple bands, as well as people who live in Midway that take part in bands. But overall bands that are from the Chicago land area (i.e. the burbs of chicago as well as downtown) all consider themselves in the Chicago Metal Scene. Hell metal heads in Joliet consider themselves apart of the Chicago Metal Scene. If you truly feel there is no Metal scene in your area then you aren’t looking in the write places, going to the right shows, or branching out side of your area. Not to mention Deathcore is a dying phase, soon you are gonna see a lot of bands trying to bring back the early 2000’s metalcore sound or trying to bring back the rethrash movement. Overall you will soon see labels like Sumerian picking up bands that aren’t your typical Sumerian bands. This is not to knock Deathcore, there are some great Deathcore acts. However many Deathcore bands are either going full Death Meta (i.e. Oceano and Whitechapel)l or they are disbanding. Good luck on your endeavors gentlemen.

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