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Interview with Dethrone the Sovereign!

PSAB: Dethrone the Sovereign brings fresh sounds to the progressive metal table that can’t be overlooked. How do you collectively approach music writing and bring it together? I have heard of some bands where one or two members write all of the music and the other members simply play what’s given to them. Incorporating a synth can be tricky, so I’m curious to hear how you tackle the creative process.

DTS: It’s usually a pretty collaborative writing process, everyone will write at least their own part to go along with something. Even if they didn’t have a hand in writing the part itself. Jake, our synth player, has been in the band since the beginning so incorporating it is easy. Quite a few parts we’ll actually start writing around a synth line or a chord progression, so it’s pretty much ingrained in our sound at this point.

PSAB: As a follow up: is there anything you do or feel heading into the creative setting? What I mean is, is there a creative or other specific mindset you put yourselves in before you actually write the music? If so, does it change when you go to write the music?

DTS: Well we do know that you can’t really force creativity, so we try to write when we aren’t worrying about or focused on anything else or if we’re in a press for time. Most of us live in the same house, so I know one thing I do is when I hear someone playing something I think sounds good on guitar or keys, I’ll make sure to tell whoever’s playing that I like it. I feel like this kind of gives us a direction to go in, even if the idea isn’t fully developed yet.

PSAB: Do you consider or plan on incorporating other instruments into your music in the future? I feel like you guys have the potential to pull off the use of exotic instruments well.

DTS: Absolutely, there’s no question we want to do more of that kind of thing. Most of it we can do with synths, but we’re not at all opposed to having someone come in to track something on, say, sitar for example.

PSAB: I know you guys have done a few tours. As a band of your stature, what is tour life like for you? What were your expectations before touring?.

DTS: Well with touring, you kind of hope for the best but expect the worst. We’ve been lucky not to have had any serious issues or trailer bandit encounters, so that in itself exceeds my expectations. The part that usually gets to people is being confined for weeks with the same dudes in a van, but we all live together anyway so we’ve built up an immunity in that sense. Typical van anxieties aside, we do love being on the road and will hopefully have more opportunities to do just that in the very near future.

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