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Interview with Destination Morgue!

Band: Destination Morgue
Genre: Metalcore
Q: Where does your band name “Destination Morgue” come from?
Our band name “Destination Morgue” comes from a book written by James Elroy. Its a tale of a murder detective and his cases.

Q: What is the local metal scene like in Michigan?

The local scene in northern Michigan is steadily growing larger each year and a lot of different venues/bookers are popping up. We like to play down by the bigger cities as much as possible as there are usually more people attending and bigger venues are always fun.

Q: You’re working on new music currently, when can we expect it to release?

We are finishing the last song for our EP entitled “Minutes After Midnight” and will be releasing this summer/fall. The album title is in memory of a dear friend who was killed in a car accident minutes after midnight in December of 2011.

Q: You’re sponsored by a few companies: Voiceless Clothing, Crown & Conquer Designs, TRX Cymbals, and Perfect Tattoos. How is the experience being sponsored by all of them?

So far all of our sponsors have given us a great experience and are helping us anyway they can. Voiceless Clothing hooks us up with free brand t-shirts and gives us discount on orders for our merch as well. Perfect Tattoos allows to sell our merch, shoot videos/take promo pics and general promotion and support. Crown and Conquer has made our newest logos for us and hooked us up with a great deal on that.

Q: What bands play an influence on your music and why?

A lot of bands influence as we all listen to different genres. Our drummer is into jazz and all sorts of different drum styles. Vocalist listens to just about everything (including Lady Gaga) besides country. We draw influence from bands like The Devil Wears Prada And Haste The Day to Emmure And Whitechapel. Our main goal is always to sound like us but it helps having such great musicians to look up to.

Q: What are your plans for the rest of this year?

After we finish up the EP we are going to play as many shows as we can this summer and by late fall be back to the studio to start working on a full length with the help of Volunteer Records. There is no date of release yet as we have yet to confirm exact dates of recording. We hope early next year.
Q: Do you have any shout outs to give?
As always we have to give a huge shoutout to our fans/friends for the great encouragement and support over the last few years. All of sponsors, thank you for everything. To all the FB promotion pages such as this one and Total Deatcore and Redrum promotions. Shoutout to the future for Destination Morgue!
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