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Interview with Descending The Heavens!

Genre(s): Progressive Blackened Death Metal
Location: Southeastern, WI
PSAB: Why did you choose the name “Descending The Heavens” for your band?
DTH: Back
in 2007, with the original band members; We were cycling through band
name ideas and we were wanted something that fit our sound. We
originally going to go with the concept, “The Green River Killers”, but
we found out it was already a band name. So then we started figuring out
more ideas. At first we were going to go with “As We Descend The
We thought it was too long, so we dropped the beginning part
and made it to “Descending The Heavens”. It’s a play on words and
derived from bible texts; I.e. “They came descending from the heavens.”
Essentially to us it means that whatever is out there in the cosmic sea
will one day return and unleash hell. So in other words, aliens…Indeed.

PSAB: The band broke up for about four years, and was recently brought back in 2011. Why did the band split originally?
DTH: Due to half us still being in high school and the other half
starting college, we ended up calling it quits.. Everyone went there
separate ways. So I went out to find and rebuild a new band. Well
through trial and error, I started to give up on music all together…
Then one day I got an Facebook message from a former guitarist in one of
the band’s I had been in before, “Failed Savior”. He asked if I would
be interested in joining his new incarnation of his old project, “Before
We Are Forgotten”.
It is here I meet future drummer of DTH and brother
in arms, Adam Troyer. We practiced a couple times, but I wasn’t feeling
it. We were doing the tandem vocal gig and other dude was a stuck up
kid. So I was going to back out, when Adam messaged me saying they were
all talking behind my back that they were going kick me out anyways.
Well with that I deported that band and Adam followed in spite of their
actions. From there we gave a renewal to D.T.H. and it has been history
ever since.. After countless member changes, I believe I have found the
perfect group of musicians, I’ve been looking for!!
PSAB: You’re currently unsigned, if you could be signed to any record label, which label would that be and why?
DTH: I’ve really been digging the releases from Subliminal Groove Records and
Unique Leader Records. DTH would fit in with those band’s and those
record labels. Although Metal Blade would be quite stellar! Anyways if we
do ever get signed, it doesn’t matter where it would be. Just being
able to play our music every night, is fine with me.
PSAB: How is the metal scene in your area?
DTH: Ohh man, the Wisconsin metal scene is growing by numbers! There is so
many talented bands hidden up here in this cesspool!! The shows are
getting better as well. A lot of cool tours are starting to roll through
more, as well. The only thing that does suck up here is the lack of
people attending some of the shows. It tends to be hit or miss. But we
still give the fans what they came for, no matter how many people are
You have shared the stage with many, many bands.
PSAB: Which band has been your favorite to play along side?
DTH: Hell yeah! It’s been an honor to share the stage with them all. I have so
many favorites, but I’ll choose one for now; I’d have to say, sharing
the stage with Aborted and Kataklysm, back in April. That was a killer
show!! Although our show next month in Chicago, with Putrid Pile is
going to be quite gnarly, too..
PSAB: Have any shout outs to give to the readers out there?
DTH: To my band and family, DTH. Also our friends in An Ocean Above Us,
Anomaly, Beyond De-th, The Central, Devolving Messiah, Grave
Remains,Samyaza, Squidhammer, The Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecture,
Vermilion and War Of Abaddon. Also to all our friends we have made over
the past couple of years! Most of all our fans! Thank you!!
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