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Interview with Defleshment!

Genre(s): Slam Death Metal
PSAB: When did you guys come up with the name “Defleshment” for your band, and why did you choose that name in particular?
DFM: We got the name from Defleshment’s original vocalist Ed Cheromiah. It was something that just clicked with what we where writing at the time,and the name just stuck.

PSAB: You have released two demos, one in 2011 and another in 2012, when can we expect a new demo? Or, even an EP or full length?

DFM: We’ll a lot of new material is in progress. We have a arsenal of new songs that we have and can’t wait to reveal them to you. We surprised ourselves in our writing. We improved from our past endeavors and all will be featured on our new EP coming out later this year.

PSAB: You have been around since 2008, what is one thing that you have seen change in the metal scene the most over the years?

DFM: It’s growing, it’s progressing,they all have a unique sound, people are getting more involved. The more people participate,the bigger our scene here in NM gets. We all share the same vision and have a equal respect for one another.Support is highly valued here in our scene.

PSAB: Why did you choose to play slam death metal instead of other similar genres, like regular death metal, technical death metal, and the like?

DFM: We Play Whatever We Create. We play Death Metal but some have told us we have a taste of Slamming Death, Death Grind, and Grooves to Our Tunes. We don’t like to label ourselves with genres, so we leave up to the fans with their own opinions.

PSAB: What has played an influence on your music the most?

DFM: Well all our influences are different, but our vision and aspects for the band are all the same, are originality has made us who we are,we established our own identity and came up with our own unique style that’s always progressing. Everyone has a fair input and our ideas is something we value equally, if we all dig it,it’s a keeper basically.

PSAB: Do you have anything to say for the readers or the fans out there?

DFM: Thanks for the support over the years! Without you Defleshment wouldn’t have made it this far, for that we are very grateful. Keep a look out for us, we’ll be out to Deflesh a town near you!
All questions answered by Brian, the vocalist.
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