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Interview with Deception of a Goddess!

Genre(s): Death Metal/Deathcore
Location: Florence, AL
PSAB: Why did you choose the name “Deception of a Goddess” for your band name?
DOAG: We chose the name because at one time we saw our ex girlfriends as
goddesses, basically something we looked highly upon. Then they decieved
us and stabbed us in the backs. So we chose the name Deception of a
PSAB: You released your single “Inception” back in July. How has the feedback been for that single?
DOAG: The single was actually titled “Isolation” but if got great feedback. We
got a lot of feedback saying that it was really heavy and the vocals
were great. We got told that the use of pig squeals/inhales was great
and that we need to keep them. The only negative feedback we heard
personally was that the guitars needed be brought out just a little more
and that the vocals in the mixin’ were a little too loud.
PSAB: You’re currently working on a new EP and it’s planned to release by the end of this year. When can we expect to hear some of that?
DOAG: Our EP is planned to be released by the end of 2014. We just recorded a
new song  on Wednesday which will be titled “Eternal Hatred” and we plan
on releasing it withing the next month.
PSAB: What is the metal scene like in Florence, AL
DOAG: The metal scene in Florence is fairly small but all the people
here are pretty dedicated and close knit. Everyone is like family here
at the shows.
PSAB: What is the number one band that plays an influence on your music?
DOAG: Our number 1 influence is definitely Carnifex.
PSAB: Any shout outs to give?

DOAG: We’d like to give a shout out to our friend Jonathan Averill for helping
us record our music and making the sound great in the end.
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