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Interview with Cunt Cuntly!

Genre(s): Death Metal/Extreme Metal
PSAB: I’m sure a lot of people want to know, why did you choose the band name “Cunt Cuntly” for your band?
CC: I have addressed this a few times before in the past, it’s an interesting story. It as July, 2011 and I was hanging out with a bunch of friends and my friend Ben said, “I’m going to make a band called Cunt Cuntly” and he asked my other friend to write and record an album so he could put vocals over it and post it on the Internet. Two weeks went by and he didn’t start it yet so I kind of just took over. I made the first album Cuntastrophy in about two weeks in late July, 2011. We started doing vocals but it never went anywhere because we all suck at it. After that I never stopped doing it, I am currently working on the 20th album now and it’s easily going to be the best one so far.

PSAB: You’re a one-man band. Why did you choose this route compared to the traditional route? Or, are you in a traditional band on the side?

CC: Like I just said before, this was never planned. Originally I was in another band as well, we ended up playing the 2012 Mayhem Festival on the Sumerian Records stage. Ken Susi from Unearth us from the battle of the bands we had entered to do so. 
The line-up that year was really cool, Slipknot, Slayer, Motorhead, Anthrax, Whitechapel, Upon A Burning Body, As I Lay Dying (or in jail), Betraying The Martyrs, I The Breather, and a few others. I had said a few times before that sharing the same date and venue as Slayer was a dream of mine, and it was really cool to achieve that at age 19. I am currently in a band with a lot of the same members but a different band name and musical style. I love those guys.

PSAB: Are there any one-man bands out there that influence you or you aspire to be like?

CC: Honestly not really. I have a lot of influences that I think you can hear in my tracks sometimes pretty clearly, usually bands however. I try not to write in just one genre to keep it interesting not for me but for anyone who is listening. However I write and record generally whatever I want, because I have the freedom to do so in a one man project.

PSAB: You release new music quite frequently, which is something I don’t see often from bands. Why do you release singles so often, instead of releasing EPs/albums every so many months?

CC: The way I release music isn’t really thought out, it is kind of a clusterfuck of sorts. Usually when I finish a new song I’ll release it as soon as possible because I get excited to show it to people pretty quickly. The 20th album is the fist album I think I’m going to hold back until all the songs are done, then release it all at once. But there are already two singles from that albm on YouTube, so I may release one or two more.
It is a 15 song album. I generally just want to share the music I make with everyone as quickly as possible. I’m not really into selling my music, at least digitally. I am likely going to print hard copies of Planetary Termination, Malevolent Ascendancy, and this new album Quantities. However the pricing will be incredibly fair, because making a profit from this project does not feel right to me. I often times send people MP3s of my tracks if they ask for them, anyone is free to do so.

PSAB: What is the local metal scene like in Dracut, MA?

CC: In Dracut alone it’s pretty dismal, the scene that I am located in mostly consists of bands from both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I have a lot of friends in bands that are really cool dudes. To anyone who is reading this check out Imagine The Escape, The Summoned, and Pathogenic. Those three bands are my favorite from around here. Burke from In Numbers is also a really nice guy. He recently shot a music video for my other band, which I can’t wait for the release. Also, expect a music for Cunt Cuntly later this winter!

PSAB: Any shout outs to give to the Cunt Cuntly fans out there?

CC: Juan Juarez, he made my current logo, he’s metal. I have a lot of people from Australia and the UK who have liked the page online, which I think is super fucking metal. Other than that I’d like to give personal shout outs to a few names of people who have been super supportive and I am happy to call them friends of mine. Travis Shockman, Raul Romero, Own Hughes, D.J. Bouchard, Daimien Hartranft, Brian Jorgenson, Travis Clement, and many more. All of my friends are total cunts also, they know who they are.
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