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Interview with Cruelty In The Garden!

Band: Cruelty In The Garden
Genre: Death Metal / Deathcore
Q: Where does the band name “Cruelty In The Garden” come from?

It’s a funny story because when we were looking for the name of the band we did something like brainstorming and there were only some dumb ideas. So we picked the most stupid of them…

Q: You’re currently signed to Drop A Records. How has the experience been being signed to them?

For now our cooperation is going perfect, our drummer picks up girls saying “hey babe, we’re signed in Canadian label.” haha… Anyways, everything that Drop A claimed to do is going well, some things will be done, and we are really looking forward to everything’s going to happen.

Q: Travis, who runs Drop A Records, is also your general manager. How has it been having him manage your band?

Basically it’s like Travis is our promotion menager and He takes care about our shows out of Poland. Inside Poland we do everything ourselves because we know that area better and we have loads of contacts, which we found by playing show.

Q: How is the local metal scene in Poznan, Poland?

There is no scene… I’d say there’s joining the facebook events scene” and then really just few people comes over. And when they do it’s like to show new shoes or a cap. This is how it really is in Poznan. But there are many places in Poland and people who really support us, they’re coming to shows and just having a good time. Maybe it’s because Poznan is too mannered city… Maybe too many good bands plays here and people don’t know on what show they should go… It’s hard to tell.

Q: What band plays the most influence in your music?

Well, it’s different for every of us… For Brootal (vocals) it’s Aegaeon, for me (Tomek, guitar) it’s Behemoth, Carnifex, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Burzum, Mayhem, Lady Gaga. But it’s hard to say if you can hear any of those artists in our music…

Q: What are you immediate plans for this year? New EP?

We just have finished our new EP. The guitars are done, Only vocals left. EP is going to be released in April and we are definitely making a music video for one of the songs on that EP! We are planning to play a lot of shows, and what’s most important – go with our music to another countries.

Q: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?

We’d love you to follow us, support us and come over to the shows when we’re in your town – it’s really really import ant for us! And buy merch, CDs, listen to our music and tell us what you think so we can move on of course! : )

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