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Interview with Crafting the Conspiracy!

PSAB: Give us some background on Crafting the Conspiracy

CTC: This band formed in early 2014 in Odessa, Texas. The name came about one day when our bassist Marcus Denzel Williams and I were working on one very hot summer day for our high school summer program in 2012. It wasn’t until a couple years later on when we got to meet our guitarist Sebastian Bracamontes and Gil Gonzales that we got to finally form a band and use the name. Ryan Melendez was already good friends with Marcus and I. So It was without a doubt he wouldn’t have been instantly asked to join the band.

PSAB: Major achievements as a band?

CTC: 2015 has been the best year for the band indeed!

Till this day it is very surprising to us on how far we’ve accomplished with this band in a matter of just being a band for only a year and a couple of months. We’ve gotten sponsors left and right, got to open up for major names in the metal industry, finally got to release our debut record “Human Error”, and there’s just so much more that we are thankful for everything that has been offered to this band as a whole.

PSAB: Have you played with well-known or established bands?

CTC: Yes we have indeed! These to many to name. We’ve opened up for bands such as Thy Art Is Murder, All That Remains, Soulfly, Whitechapel, Defeated Sanity, and the list goes on from there.

PSAB: Musical influences?

CTC that our minds are set on. Whether it be from listening to death metal to listening to classic rock, rap, country, blues, you name it. Every one of us in this band believe it or not listen to anything and everything which is the coolest thing ever! We wanna be able to cooperate all genres into our music! We really don’t hate any other genres and we take the idea of this whole genre war thing to be quite a nuisance. The lyrical influence believe it or not comes from Josh watching a TON of anime. That guy is a nerd. Haha.

PSAB do you think sets you apart from other bands in this genre?

CTC: We tend to say we’re different from other bands by showing them instead of telling them. Sure we can “just say” we are different, but what good would that be if we JUST were to say that. We wanna prove to everyone were different through our actions rather than just be “all talk”.

PSAB: How is the writing process?

CTC: We usually throw out ideas on what we like and what we don’t onto the table. It’s a long explanation, but basically we just try to the best of our ability not stress to much about it and somehow set aside our creative differences. We usually mess around when we practice and then randomly out of nowhere we will play something that catches all of our ears. Then we just kinda go from there.

PSAB: Anything extra you want to say to the world?

CTC: We are coming. A conspiracy has been revealed and there’s no doubt about it that we are rekindling the flame once again for Melodeath Metal. Many say that its dying today, but we promise you we will make you EAT THOSE WORDS, and if you don’t believe us, go grab our Debut EP “Human Error” now and let us know if you think any different! It’s on ALL DIGTIAL DISTRIBUTIONS NOW and soon to be on physicals as well! Thank you so much for everyone one of you who have believed in us our fans, and we’d like to than PSAB for this Interview. Stay Metal. \m/

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