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Interview with Cory Judd from A Night in Texas!

PSAB: What brought about this unholy split?

Cory: We had always seen a lot of kids talking about ‘A Night In Texas’ & ‘Angelmaker’ doing a split and we never really thought about the idea too much. When our new vocalist Ethan Lucas joined the band were we really pumped to get some new material out there but didn’t have a whole album ready. We saw this release as an opportunity to show people a taste of our new direction while we are still in the writing process of our second album.

PSAB: Keeping your previous work in mind, namely “The God Delusion,” and how that was lyrically written, will “Unholy Alliance” follow a similar pattern? Will this EP be a cooperative narrative of some sort?

Cory: It’s definitely down the same alley but has a few key differences. We have taken more of a songwriter approach to these songs rather than trying to focus on just being technical or fast. We really wanted to write some music that has choruses and catchy sections, shit that people can bang their head to, you know? Though the lyrics aren’t written as third person as ‘The God Delusion’ was, the lyrical approach and content is similar.

PSAB: Religion has been a key part of lyrical themes since the beginning. Do you think it’s important to keep consistent/correlating themes for all of your music? Are they all part of a grand scheme?

Cory: I think a lot of our music will always be underpinned by hatred for religion but we are starting to sway from that topic a little. We want focus on the multifaceted decline of the human race and religion is just a piece of that puzzle.

PSAB: Does music have to be meaningful to you?

Cory: Definitely. If anything, I think that music is a great way for new ideas to be planted into the minds of listeners, so if it doesn’t mean anything what’s the point? In our case, the meaning has always been to think for yourself, be analytical of what you’re taught or have grown accustomed.

PSAB: Is there anything we should know heading into this split?

Cory: Fast riffs, heavy breakdowns and a whole lot of blasphemy.


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